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Feeling the Rachel Ray thing

For many years, we used a food service. I didn't cook. It was nice, because we picked up food twice a week, and it had full nutritional information.

They changed how they were doing things and was no longer convenient for us. We tried a different service, but they didn't have our food half the time and it was even less convenient.

So I started cooking. First, we were wasting a lot of food. Part of the problem is that I grew up cooking for a family of four, and I'm still used to cooking those amounts. Also buying supplies was hard. We weren't using a full ½ gallon of milk, dozen eggs, or loaf of bread before it spoiled.

Problem solved – was on ham radio one evening when one of my ham radio buddies mentioned he had a freezer that needed a home. I bought the freezer from him along with some meat, and he delivered it to the house. It's a chest freezer, but by adding some freezer crates from the Container Store it's very easy to organize.

So I still cook for four, but I freeze the extra portions individually. When it comes time to use the extra portions, I tweak the results – adding fresh ingredients, and making a new meal.

I freeze portions of bread, and plan to start freezing milk. I don't freeze eggs, but I boil my eggs when they get old and have them for lunch.

For lunch, I take a lot of small portions of lots of individual things – a boiled egg or two, fruit, sweet bread, peanut butter, etc and a couple of snack packs. That way, I can eat a little at a time – something I need with my lap band.