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Wearables work as do Checkins

Someone tweeted today about how wearables do change behavior.

I have several, a Fitbit and an Aria scale. I also have a MyfitnessPal account and use Foursquare.

I use all those check-ins and gadgets to keep me going to the gym and working out even though I fight through arthritis pain to do it. I don't make the goals as often as I would like but I do see progress.

My latest wearable is a Continuous Glucose Monitor, CGMS to the diabetes crowd and in a little more than a month I have gotten from a 7.9 A1C to a 7.3 which is huge!

FYI, Dulce the diabetes alert dog kept me from too many lows, good dog but not really a wearable, or is she?

Yes, the all work and add an element of game.