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Met @SHanselman last night!
Dulce Alerts Still Surprise Me

Dulce is working her beagle tail off

This has probably been the worst first week of school for chewing up blood sugar. I honestly got sick of chewing today. I've been running low the last three days, and poor Dulce has been alerting.

The funniest this evening was at a Social Hour after school. We were at a local bar and grill and my husband came to meet us. I honestly thought I had things under control, my husband was petting Dulce and so I wasn't paying that much attention. She started pawing at me, and I ignored her the first few times. I finally decided to test and I'd gone from 180 to 105 in the space of an hour and no way was I driving home 30 minutes or more in traffic in that state.

Dumped some sugar in my tea and decided I needed to eat dinner then – only that appealed was chips and queso, which is what I did. Actually a good choice as they were able to get them to me fast.

I'm pretty high now, but haven't wanted to risk doing another correction since they have been making me low. And yes, I did fix my correction ratio.

That's the first time my husband has seen her alert – and he didn't realize that she keeps alerting until I'm "fixed".