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Dulce Alerts Still Surprise Me

We've been working together for over a year now, and I still get caught by surprise.

People ask me what her alert is – I had trained for a "pick up" of the leash, but that just doesn't work for either of us.

Banging the crate door and whining when she is "in her officer" and pawing at me when she isn't works fine. Or when we're at the gym and she gets up from her mat.

Also, she does it SO early. Last night I was 103, from a 180 just an hour before. If that trend had continued, and I'm sure it would have, we'd have been caught on a highway under construction. Never pretty.

Long before it will be a problem.

Good dog.

Dulce is working her beagle tail off

This has probably been the worst first week of school for chewing up blood sugar. I honestly got sick of chewing today. I've been running low the last three days, and poor Dulce has been alerting.

The funniest this evening was at a Social Hour after school. We were at a local bar and grill and my husband came to meet us. I honestly thought I had things under control, my husband was petting Dulce and so I wasn't paying that much attention. She started pawing at me, and I ignored her the first few times. I finally decided to test and I'd gone from 180 to 105 in the space of an hour and no way was I driving home 30 minutes or more in traffic in that state.

Dumped some sugar in my tea and decided I needed to eat dinner then – only that appealed was chips and queso, which is what I did. Actually a good choice as they were able to get them to me fast.

I'm pretty high now, but haven't wanted to risk doing another correction since they have been making me low. And yes, I did fix my correction ratio.

That's the first time my husband has seen her alert – and he didn't realize that she keeps alerting until I'm "fixed".

Met @SHanselman last night!

I met Scott Hanselman finally. Toi Wright and the DFW ASP.NET user group brought him here to Dallas. I know her from Geeks in Pink. I joined the user group specifically for the talk. I've done some ASP.NET, but not much.

I've tweeted Scott a few times, asking him packing advice, corresponded with him on diabetes issues and harassed him over his kids and Legos (since I coach two US FIRST FTC Robotics teams). He even tweets me back.

I've followed his blog forever, especially his diabetes advice. I've listened to his podcast. Yes, I'm a fan. Meeting consisted of tweeting him in advance and telling him to watch for a small beagle Diabetes Assistance Dog – and yes, she was the only dog there – and saying hello to him before his talk.

He tweeted me this morning. <brag>

Meeting him wasn't as cool as meeting Clint Rutkas, as I've had lots of time to pick his brain – but then Clint does Xbox stuff, and I teach Xbox stuff. (And why does Microsoft Office insist on spelling Xbox, Xbox and not XBox?) I don't do much ASP stuff.

I did have an awesome time. Toi knows how to put on a user group. I also always manage to win door prizes….I did last night.

I think I wore Dulce out though.


Having Trouble Getting to Bed

I finally figured it out – a TV show helped – I've associated the beginning of the school year with a truck driving into my house. Or some other disaster.

Two years ago, the first week of school, a drunk driver drove into our house.

I've had other bad events – dog had her eye come out of her socket and spend the weekend at the vets, etc. Last year, my room was a complete disaster as they put a dedicated A/C unit into the room, and I couldn't even get into it until Saturday before the beginning of the school year.

Thus, negative associations.

Right now, I'm having trouble even climbing the stairs to go upstairs to the bedrooms. I figure I'll be okay once we get settled into a routine but I have talked to my medical care provider and several friends about it.

Healthy Relationships With Healthcare Professionals | The Blood Sugar Whisperer


1. What do you do to prepare for a doctor’s appointment to make sure they go well?

2. Have you ever had a poor relationship with a doctor/CDE and then it got better? What did you do to improve it?

3. What qualities do you look for in a healthcare professional?

4. What advice do you have for a fellow PWD or parent who is struggling with their healthcare professional?


Allison asked the above and I've been answering in bits and pieces but its truly blog worthly.

I just got back from a good appointment with my endocronologist and so I feel qualified to answer. 

No matter which doctor, I try to make sure I show up with enough data and information so that we can have an intelligent conversation.  Endo is easy, as we always do our labs the week before, and usually get the results back the next day.  I also try to make sure I'm using my pump right at least the week before, not always easy.  This time, was because I was in the habit. 

Sleep doctor appointments tend to be an emergency.  I still try to remember what is keeping me from sleeping. 

If I have questions about something I'll bring an article or link from the internet.  I also always bring a internet device so I can look things up.  They are good but they haven't always looked at interactions between diabetes and whatever item we're doing so I can do a quick search while we are thinking about it.  That's been good with several medications. 

Yes, I've had a poor relationship that got better  -- sleep doctor -- since the meds didn't work he was convinced I wasn't compliant with the equipment, that was before we got the equipment that recorded everything.   Now that the CPAP machine ACTUALLY tells him I'm compliant he listens better.

I've also fired doctors -- primary care physican that I inherited.  He was quite insistant he knew better than the endo -- the final straw was when his assistant grabbed my hand and did a finger stick which I got charged for.  I knew for a fact that my meter was more accurate than theirs.   It still took me a year until we mutually fired each other.  He accused me of wanting a "doc in box" (probably not his words, but his point) and I tried that for a year.  Now I have a primary care physician that share records and space with the endo and realizes that they each have their own job to do.  I still have trust issues.

Qualities I look for:  my best doctors listen to me and treat me with respect.  They realize that I'm proactive in my health care and know more about diabetes that they do (even the endo -- because I live it and he doesn't -- however, he can look at a graph and know how to tweak my pump, I don't -- I can't just react).

If things are clicking, it might be time to go shopping for a different doctor.  It's hard to know - sometimes they will let you know it is time to go.  Sometimes you have to figure it out on your own.  Biggest sign: you dread going to the doctor.

Endo. Visit

Auto correct got me earlier today.

First, his assistant gave him up – said that the doctor was looking forward to visiting with Dulce. <VBG>

As I posted last week, A1C is tending in the correct direction, as is my weight, blood pressure and the rest of my vitals. Nice to be coming out of the dark woods.

He tweaked my pump settings – ended up with an evil low this afternoon, so it may have been too much but then again I was working in my classroom. I do have around 8000 steps on my Fitbit already.

Wearables work as do Checkins

Someone tweeted today about how wearables do change behavior.

I have several, a Fitbit and an Aria scale. I also have a MyfitnessPal account and use Foursquare.

I use all those check-ins and gadgets to keep me going to the gym and working out even though I fight through arthritis pain to do it. I don't make the goals as often as I would like but I do see progress.

My latest wearable is a Continuous Glucose Monitor, CGMS to the diabetes crowd and in a little more than a month I have gotten from a 7.9 A1C to a 7.3 which is huge!

FYI, Dulce the diabetes alert dog kept me from too many lows, good dog but not really a wearable, or is she?

Yes, the all work and add an element of game.

A1C dropping

Thanks to the Metronic CGMS and changes brought about by it, my A1C is down to 7.3 from 7.9 and I've only had it for a month.

I've been struggling to get it down for a couple of years, and the CGMs seems to have done the trick!

Frustrating Summer

I have been at the gym every day and doing cardio for about an hour. I will admit I don't do weights as much as I would like and should, and I need to kick that up.

The good news, my weight has been steady. The bad news, I wanted to lose some more weight and I haven't really until this week.

Hoping it stays off.

Workout Wear

I've found out something very odd. Dressing up in the right workout wear helps your workout. Weird.

My favorite – is Zella. For summer, these pants:

and these tanks:

also these tops:

The ruching at the side is flattering and makes you feel a bit slimmer. Also the fabric feels cooler and less sweaty. Much better than t-shirts.