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Why I am keeping my Typepad Account

After doing some odd 60 pages in Wordpress and doing some playing with Typepad – I am keeping my Typepad account for blogging.

As an end user, both are equally easy. I go into Word, I type up my blog entry, I hit publish, I close my Word document and I get on with my life. Same thing if I want to edit an old post, etc.

The problem is maintenance. I don't have to do anything with Typepad. They do it all for me. Occasionally I have to renew my domain name with someone else. Wordpress still requires me login and do maintenance. Plugins and everything else.

That's too much work. Especially for the average end user.

Sleeping Pills and dosage

One of my many issues is sleep – in fact, I didn't last night, but that was because one of the dogs was in distress.

I have had sleeping pill prescriptions – probably have one on file right now – but try not to use them because I don't feel good the next day. I know why now – and I'm not sure why I didn't see this when it happened.

Yes, even at the lowest dosages, I'm out but groggy the next. My sleep doctor doesn't like it – but there you go. If I keep having trouble sleeping this summer, I might see if they have a lower dose pill available.

CGMS Status

It seems that BCBS is now coming CGMS for Type 2 Insulin pump users and that I met their medical criteria. That still doesn't mean that I will be covered, so I'm getting a 3 month starter kit which I am not to open until I get my EOB. Then we'll do training and I'm set.

No that doesn't mean that I will be retiring Dulce – it's just another tool in the toolkit.

Typepad Vs. Wordpress

While I am setting up a Wordpress site for my breeder, I really believe in Typepad – they came to the table first via Moveable type, and I love their service.

So today, I am playing with this Blog / Account and turning it into a full website, that includes a blog to prove proof of concept. Frankly finding it a touch easier than Wordpress, and I think it will be easier to turn over to the user.

Hey, the more tools in the toolbox, the better.

Giving CGMS a try

A1C is staying in the high 7s and its because I am not testing, so I am going to give CGMS testing a try, even though I doubt insurance will cover.

I do have a Metronics pump, so its just the sensor cost.

We just pushed all the buttons to get it rolling.

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Service dogs and "clothing"

My service dog is a beagle. They don't put up with much nonsense. Years ago, my Peppermint Patty, a 12" tall hunting beagle was a therapy dog.

She suffered through patients throwing her across the room and other indignities but she would not wear clothing. We tried a hat once, it lasted two minutes, she pulled it off and tore it up. The clown costume lasted longer but only because I and the border
collie were similarly dressed and I was ready this time.

The retriever, lab or golden, is the "duh, gee coach," of the dog world and is happy to do whatever his stupid owner wants. That doesn't mean you should. Leave the poor dog alone, let him wear his vest in piece and keep the graduation regalia to yourself. 
Any self respecting beagle will agree. Bet you it is hot under that gown too.

And yeah, there is a picture of Dulce in safety goggles. She needs them but won't wear them, she helps me mentor a robot team and its not the same at all.

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