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Leg Sites

One of the things that I have been having trouble with is abdomen sites. My tummy desperate needs a rest between the lap band scars, and some allergy issues I'm dealing with. I'm also having trouble with pushing insulin through that little hole an extra day.

So like others in the DOC, I've decided to try leg sites. The first few were a complete disaster, and they came off right away. With all the insurance issues, I didn't want to fight getting more insertion sets, so I went back to the abdomen.

Well, tried the legs again today, and it went pretty well. The first one slid off in the sweat from running dog agility last night (and soak in the hot tub after).

I'm also thinking just because the reservoir holds four days' worth of insulin, you might not really want to push that much through a set. Still experimenting. Also still afraid to push BCBS shield any.