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Insulin pump is finally paid for!

Finally Getting Well

This sinus infection really fooled me, because my blood sugar stayed constant.  I kept thinking this was a cold.  I waited a week to see the doctor, and she prescribed antibiotics but I was still not seeing any relief in the congestion and coughing, so she added Nasonex and Singular.  That did the trick, because I am finally sleeping all night and can breathe most of the time.  Still have a bit of a sore throat, but I get that a lot due to the lap band.

Weight has stayed constant.

So far this has been the best spring blood sugar wise, and Dulce has been helping with that.  Hoping to start adding weights to my workouts soon.  Depends on if I can work out after school. 

Have the AP Exam on Tuesday, and then we have finals, the last week of May.  Most of our students will be gone on May 30.  After that, we have to keep all our unsuccessful students.  We’ve never done that before.