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Slowly getting well and losing the weight I gained while I was sick
Medication Change

Diabetes Dog and Agility

This weekend was a rough weekend for Dulce and has me questioning her role as an agility dog.

First, she did well – stayed in the ring and got a 3rd place on Saturday – that was an issue before, BUT Sunday she was exhausted.

We were at a new place and it was fairly well spread out. I had a good parking place that stayed in the shade most of the day but it was on the opposite end of the arena from the rest room. It was also on the opposite end from the standard ring.

When we got home on Saturday she was limping and curled up on a corner of the sofa snoozing. Rich said he'd never seen her that tired.

However, I am also worn out, so I didn't need to do as much walking as I did either, so I probably need to how much I was doing too.

She came in useful – I ended up going low twice on Sunday – not emergency low, just needed to eat when I usually don't eat when I'm competing.