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Dulce is a path setter!

Come to find out, one of the people on our ADA committee has a daughter at the school next door – literally.  The daughter will be attending our high school next year, and is a 9th grader at our middle school.

Since Dulce has done so well at Hillcrest, they have been allowing other service dogs, mostly alert dogs.  The committee member thanked me for showing them it was possible.

Pretty cool.

DAD website – paying for it

I've decided to make it a subscription model – most of the dog training I do is that way – I pay my dog agility instructor by the month to reserve my training slots. I also put an unsubscribe button and have set up a trial subscription (but still pay).

I'm planning to set up a badge system, so you can earn badges for earning skills. I also plan to set up things to help people with things like public and work access. I've learned a lot this year about that.

Medication Change

Let’s me reduce the amount of a med by half.

I have restless leg syndrome, which apparently disrupts my sleep.  It also makes me kick uncontrollable when I am still.


I’ve been taking Ropinirole HCL 2mg tablets for years, but the last time I was at the sleep doctor they had me try Neupro which is the same medication in a patch.  I tried the 2 mg dosage, but I felt sleepier during the day.

I had them write a script for 1mg and have been on it for a few days and find that I don’t seem to kick with it but still get good quality sleep. 


Diabetes Dog and Agility

This weekend was a rough weekend for Dulce and has me questioning her role as an agility dog.

First, she did well – stayed in the ring and got a 3rd place on Saturday – that was an issue before, BUT Sunday she was exhausted.

We were at a new place and it was fairly well spread out. I had a good parking place that stayed in the shade most of the day but it was on the opposite end of the arena from the rest room. It was also on the opposite end from the standard ring.

When we got home on Saturday she was limping and curled up on a corner of the sofa snoozing. Rich said he'd never seen her that tired.

However, I am also worn out, so I didn't need to do as much walking as I did either, so I probably need to how much I was doing too.

She came in useful – I ended up going low twice on Sunday – not emergency low, just needed to eat when I usually don't eat when I'm competing.

Slowly getting well and losing the weight I gained while I was sick

I got a sinus infection – and didn’t go to the doctor because

  • I thought it was a bad cold
  • My old doctor sucked so bad

New doctor is terrific but it took two weeks, antibiotics, Singular, Nasonex and two visits to clear it up.  I need to remember that!

I also gained weight because I had to do a lot of fluids to keep congestion flowing and to feel better.  Plus my activity level was way down.  However, I’m steadily losing that weight.  Agility trial helped that a lot too.  Lots of steps this weekend!

Just about a month to go in the school year.

Leg Sites

One of the things that I have been having trouble with is abdomen sites. My tummy desperate needs a rest between the lap band scars, and some allergy issues I'm dealing with. I'm also having trouble with pushing insulin through that little hole an extra day.

So like others in the DOC, I've decided to try leg sites. The first few were a complete disaster, and they came off right away. With all the insurance issues, I didn't want to fight getting more insertion sets, so I went back to the abdomen.

Well, tried the legs again today, and it went pretty well. The first one slid off in the sweat from running dog agility last night (and soak in the hot tub after).

I'm also thinking just because the reservoir holds four days' worth of insulin, you might not really want to push that much through a set. Still experimenting. Also still afraid to push BCBS shield any.

Insulin pump is finally paid for!

Got my bill from Medtronics today, which reflected the payment by BCBS and the amount they gave me for my old pump. Had the bank send them a check today, so we should be all done.


Let's see, I got my pump in November, right before Thanksgiving? Monday before. Sure took a long time to resolve this. Wonder how the warranty thing is going to play out.