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Just got stuff to treat the symptoms since the antibiotics seems to be killing the infection....

Sick of being sick.

Dulce is a hit at the doctors office.

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Still Sick!

Still congested. Still sore throat. Still tired. Slept a bunch over the weekend. Taking antibiotics which is giving me an upset tummy. Took Friday off and even got some work done on the truck.

Really tired of being sick, almost three weeks!

Doctor says it's a sinus infection.

Pleased with the new primary care physician

I've been sick for a week and a half, maybe two weeks. I had been putting off going to my primary care doctor, because going to one has always been a pain. Not this time!

I called yesterday morning and asked for the first appointment I could get without missing school – I could have gotten one an hour later, but took 5:15 Thursday evening. The waiting room was empty, was greeted promptly, checked in quickly and didn't have to wait long at all.

Was taken right in (though was told by the nurse that she didn't really like beagles because they were loud and demanding, the opposite of Dulce but describes Maggie and Macy to a tee). Vitals taken and only had to wait a moment for the doctor.

She diagnosed a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics.

Was out 5 minutes after the appointment but I got there 20 minutes early. Frankly, the pharmacy was more of a pain.


None of old primary care physician was never like this. Though I always enjoyed seeing Dr. Sikora.

Sick and sick of it

I have had some upper respiratory thing for the last week. I was out last Tuesday because I was coughing and sneezing so hard that I was not leaving the restroom for long. Not good when you are a teacher.

I finally broke down and got a doctor's appointment for after school tomorrow so I am probably going to wake up fine.

Endo Appointment

While I like my endocrinologist, I find going to his office stressful. Today has been no exception. There is an emergency patient here and they needed to be seen first.

All my numbers are going in the right direction or we already in the right direction. Especially my weight. He tweaked some pump numbers and I'm back in at the end of June.

Dulce and he had a nice visit. All in all a good quiet visit.