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Insulin pump finally covered by insurance

Not sure why I haven't shared my latest ordeal, maybe because I somehow blamed myself for the mess.

Back in August, I started getting emails from Animas that my pump warranty was expiring so I started looking at insulin pumps. Haven't been happy with animas as they have done aero technology enhancements since the pump came in my possession. Ezmanager was still at Windows XP, no changes in the Ping Remote, etc.

Had an appointment with the endo in October and he agreed, in fact, he said he was only doing Medtronic or Omnipod. Talked with both reps but the omnipod was out since I spend time in our hot tub.

I really like the local Medtronics people, both the sales rep and the trainer. I know I told everyone down the line when the pump expired, etc.

Pump was shipped the weekend before     Thanksgiving, which meant no one involved was reachable, and I also assumed everyone knew what they were doing. Imagine my shock when I get a bill for $6000 + dollars.

Yeah, a bit of a major freak out.

This happened in January. I am also now assuming supplies are no longer covered.

First calls out are to Medtronics billing who threaten to take back their pump. Oh, I had already sent in my Animas pump in their trade in deal.

Sales rep calmed me down and said that I wouldn't be left pumpless.

Next was Blue Cross Blue Shield. First, they said they only cover one pump unless the first pump breaks or the doctor articulates the need for a new one, none of the "automatic replacement because of out warranty" that I had been given for two pump cycles.

BCBS did say I could keep the pump without paying for it but that didn't seem right. Best news was that my supplies were still covered so that wasn't an issue.

The fun part was that Medtronics was sending the wrong paperwork and asking the wrong questions. I got the right information and got the pump covered though technically I didn't have to, but then again would they cover the warranty and would I get another pump ever again?

What gets me, is that everyone else I deal with pre authorizes, except them. Doctors, pharmacy, cpap supplier, you name, know my coverage before I hit the door. Weird.

Dulce has her clown moments too

I've a full time classroom teacher and Dulce and I spend most of our time being pretty serious. We both have our moments though….

Yesterday morning she decided that she needed to demonstrate that she didn't have to know how to walk on a leash. She had one of my coworkers in complete stitches because she first wrapped herself leash around one of my legs, not once but TWICE. Then she had the leash wrapped her body.

Now Dulce is completely capable of untangling herself. All of my beagles have obtained that talent from puppyhood.

In fact, as soon as my coworker was out of the hall, Dulce untangled herself. But when she spotted her again, she was back tangled.

Guess a laugh was needed for the start of the day.

An “interesting” Encounter with a Service Dog

It was here in Dallas – we came around a blind turn into the baggage area and guide dog for the blind (he was wearing that cape), drug his handler straight for us.

The handler obviously thought the dog was dragging him to someone he knew. I didn't really have time to react.

Dulce wasn't a bit happy with the whole affair and before I knew it, the dog was in her face. She took any action a smaller dog would take when a big dog is in hers and she can't get away, she snarled and snapped at him.

I told the handler that he'd been drug into my service dog, drug Dulce off the other way and no one seemed worse for wear.

Not sure what the dog told his handler what happened.

Americans 0 – Terrorists 1

As my husband said (though he said innocents not Americans).

I flew out of DFW today with Dulce and once again had to get "close and personal" with a TSA agent. Honestly it doesn't bother me, but the prep I have to go through to get anywhere I want does.

For example, I flew with two phones, an iPod Touch, an Amazon Fire, a Surface and a laptop (you don't), all in one bag, and the TSA agent asked: you have "some" electronics? My response: "some"…..

Hey, I left the Google Tablet and two laptops at home, please. Besides, I'm only traveling for a two day trip.

And yes, I've used the phone, the surface, the laptop and the Amazon tablet since I've been here.

Just got my latest A1C

Still not great, but slowing going down. I knew that from how I have been dealing with stress and how I have been managing my diabetes. Still keeping my blood sugar too high.

Not sure why I had a stress attack yesterday but woke up with a really high blood sugar, in fact, so high I couldn't wake up, didn't feel competent enough to operate a motor vehicle and ended up calling in sick. Ate as few carbs as possible today, and still not going down. Not sure my sites are working, two have pulled off – one was an old site, time to change it, and one a new.

We'll see how the latest site goes.

Dulce has pulled out a new trick

Not completely new, I've seen it before but it's been a while.

Had one of those days on Thursday and it was a bit stressful.  Late in the afternoon, Dulce started whining and I thought -- just what I need, she wants to go out.

But I checked my blood sugar first, and I'd had a 30 point raise in about an hour, meter / pump wanted more insulin, so I praised her, gave myself insulin and her a treat, all in that order.

Did the treat, as she didn't let out aother peep, I didn't have other issues the rest of the day, and all was good.