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Taking a Diabetes Alert Dog with you is hard

Dulce (diabetes dog) at a Convention

Dulce is a totally different dog at a convention. Which is probably good, because I think I need a different dog and am a different person. She is out going, visits with people and just has a good time.

She still takes care of me, but didn't have to work real hard at it. I was careful to stay in range, maybe a tad high. We did a lot of walking.

Came home a bit heavier, but I think it's the constipation thing.

Anyway, first, the Lego people had gotten a badge printed for her. I wasn't sure she would wear it, but she did. Pinned it to her vest. Everyone thought it was WAY cool she had a badge. Will remember that for the first convention.

Second, she seemed to recognize that everyone was at a high stress level and missed their dogs. There were some people she wouldn't interact with, but there were a lot of people she would. She was super friendly to important people – the guy who picked up after her at the hotel – the bus drivers, and the door people at the Hilton – they had water and treats for her, she is no dummy.

There was a nice park outside the convention center. We used it a lot. There was also a dog park near the hotel. We didn't get to it on Wednesday or Thursday. We answered lots of questions and we did a lot of teaching about service dogs. I did explain that she seemed to realize that people needed her.