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January 2013

Lapband Weight Loss

Drives me absolutely nuts.

Because fiber doesn't work well – it clogs up the small opening – I don't eat a lot of it. So the other end gets clogged. So here's how typically weight loss goes – large drop, small gains, then some small drops and then large drops again.

I've definitely lost a size in my waist lately just after buying pants for the first time in years. Thankfully from Nordstroms and they are doing this alteration for free!

You do get what you pay for some times.

I'm really happy with the new look:


Been losing the same 5 pounds for a while now. It's something I do a lot. It's all part of the eating disorder, diabetes, and lap band thing. I haven't even been sure that I was at a place where I could lose weight without another fill. I also wasn't sure I wanted to do that. As it is, I can't eat much.

The cortisone shot has done its thing. The arthritis pain I've been experiencing is subsiding and I'm more active which helps too.

Cortisone shot

Broke down and got a cortisone shot on Thursday. Had to drive to South Lake but didn't miss any school, though should have.

Had high blood sugar all day Friday and tipsy but had a parent conference, project final to give and promised a parent I would let a kid make up work. Got it all done but pissed off the principal <sigh>

He saw me leaving at 4:00 with the kid though.

Kid and I got a lot of good work accomplished and he is passing so that is what counts. Same with parent conference.

Blood sugar seems back to normal today.

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Diabetes Dog Did Her Job Today

Proof that it works – between my recent weight loss, change in activity level due to exams, etc. it's been hard determining the exact insulin dosage.

Dulce was in her cage, door locked, and woke up from a dead sleep whining at me. I checked and my blood sugar was dropping too fast. Was able to eat some carbs and now fine.

Glad it didn't happen during an ACP the first time – she snoozed all through the Art I test yesterday, but it's also nice to know that it does work in a testing situation, isn't very disruptive, and gives a huge measure of safety.


Finally done with Animas

I had a balance with Animas because I'd ordered supplies right before the doctor decided to switch me off the Animas Ping and onto the Metronics pump. In fact, they arrived the day before the visit. Animas agreed to take the supplies back, and I sent them everything I had marked Animas which was quite a bit since I had been pumping with them for 8 years.

Of course, they got it back on November 28 and I had even gotten another bill this week but I logged in this morning and saw I had a balance of $0.00

Now the interesting part is seeing the games that Medtronics and the insurance company are paying since Medtronics sent me the pump before the Animas pump expired. By a full three months. Right now I am renting the pump. I haven' seen that since I got my first CPAP machine. Since it was common for people not to tolerate them, you initially rented them and if you could tolerate them, after 6 months or so, you "owned" it.

Knee Pain

It's starting to bother me, which isn't bad since I haven't had injections since last spring or physical therapy. I'm trying to hold out on getting any type of injections – though I have an orthopedist who is happy to do them. One Celebrex seems to be holding me most of the time. Best I've done in a while.

Keeping on Keeping on

I'm not a New Year's Resolution type of girl…. I've been working really hard on managing my blood sugar, working out and taking my weight as it comes.

My lap band has stopped my weight gain and a lot of my eating issues. I see a counselor on a regular basis for it and other issues.

In other words, I'm not doing anything special for the New Year.