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ATT Service Issue

Over the past few months, our ATT Uverse has been degrading. I really think it started with when we moved back into the house, but that was such a hectic time.

I finally couldn't take it anymore when we had to completely reboot the Gateway and the set top boxes to watch TV last Sunday. ATT didn't figure out we needed to reboot the router and had scheduled a repair. Since I got everything working with a reboot I postponed the service call until Sunday.

I did replace some wiring. Not sure what else he did outside the house. He put in a new router, had trouble with it, then put in a second router. He got it up and working, put most of the stuff he had in the house back in his truck, and mumbled something about his hour being up and left.

When he left the following wasn't working:

  • Phone line for the alarm system
  • Xbox
  • Wireless

Needless to say I was not a happy camper.

I ended up having to schedule a second repair appointment but did get a third router shipped to the house and it arrived this evening.

It is working like a champ and unlike the original router, I can use wireless throughout the house. Don't know yet if we fixed the set top problem, and probably won't until next week.

I am MUCH happier.