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December 2012

Recovering from a Cold

Could be a sinus infection, but the blood sugar hasn't been super elevated. Plus my husband seems to have caught it.

Good news is my weight is back down. I've found over the years that when I'm that sick, eating what my body craves gets me over it faster. Lots of soup and lots of grilled cheese sandwiches. Lots of warm drinks. Not good calorie OR crabwise, but I seem to have burned it off.

Hopefully the rest of the break will be better.

2012 is the year I came out completely

This post is my December entry in the DSMA Blog Carnival.  If you'd like to participate too, you can get all of the information at

Though there are a few people who probably think I had already come out of the closet as a diabetic.

I realized that I was not doing a good job controlling my diabetes. I used to do a good job. I used to rarely miss blood sugar checks and rarely missed boluses (oh, that reminds me, I'm drinking a mocha I haven't bloused for yet – just a sec)

So I decided to train my youngest beagle to be a diabetes alert dog. By the way – typical time at the gym after not doing a good job bolusing for lunch: dog is very agitated and won't relax for the first 10 minutes, then she settles – bet you money if I tested I'd be back in range.

But I used to try to hide my pump.

Now, I walk into the gym with the dog and she is agitated and I explain that yes, she is agitated because my blood sugar is up and she'll settle when it is better. I wear my pump outside my clothing and carry my meter where I can reach it easily. No more hiding.

My A1C has come down as a result. I'm not there yet, I still miss some boluses, I still miss some checks, but it's getting better.

ATT Service Issue

Over the past few months, our ATT Uverse has been degrading. I really think it started with when we moved back into the house, but that was such a hectic time.

I finally couldn't take it anymore when we had to completely reboot the Gateway and the set top boxes to watch TV last Sunday. ATT didn't figure out we needed to reboot the router and had scheduled a repair. Since I got everything working with a reboot I postponed the service call until Sunday.

I did replace some wiring. Not sure what else he did outside the house. He put in a new router, had trouble with it, then put in a second router. He got it up and working, put most of the stuff he had in the house back in his truck, and mumbled something about his hour being up and left.

When he left the following wasn't working:

  • Phone line for the alarm system
  • Xbox
  • Wireless

Needless to say I was not a happy camper.

I ended up having to schedule a second repair appointment but did get a third router shipped to the house and it arrived this evening.

It is working like a champ and unlike the original router, I can use wireless throughout the house. Don't know yet if we fixed the set top problem, and probably won't until next week.

I am MUCH happier.

Dulce has a new job

She alerted on a pregnant girl today. Daughter of one of my fellow teachers was home to let mom know she is going to be a grandmother. She's looked it on the internet and it was classic – Dulce was growling and moaning at her and apparently that is typical dog behavior due to changes in hormones (scent change).

Dulce has been extended for 6 more months

Heard from the district ADA committee today and Dulce's approval has been extended for another six months. They will review in May.

The rest of us ignored it and went on.

She was attacked by a stack of dictionaries today. Apparently one of the teachers uses them for a door stop and leaves them in the hall. Our leash got tangled in the stack and they toppled on her. One of the students fixed the problem by stacking them against the hallway (a better solution).

More interesting facts about Dulce as a service dog

She seems to know the difference between a high caused by eating a meal and a high caused be stress or other factors. She doesn't alert after meals unless my blood sugar is climbing too high.

She gets agitated when I drop, even though I'm not at a low, and doesn't alert until I am low. That's really useful. I was watching things closely today and ended up having a really good agility day as a result.

Much nicer that a Dexcom or Metronic sensor.

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Dulce Alerts in the cage

I often have Dulce in a cage, at work when I am teaching and at teacher workshops. People ask me how she alerts then, and my response has always been, trust me, we will all know.

Yesterday I was at a teacher workshop and for whatever reason, I was high and staying there. Set change, traffic issues etc., and it proved why I stay in the back and out of the way. She started pounding on the cage door. I was actually glad that two other DISD teachers where there, as they can witness to her effectiveness. Tried everything but my pen insulin as I left it in the car. Finally after the workshop I got to the gym and biked it off.

Next time temporary basal which I have done in the past.