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Things I won’t miss about my Animas Pump
Dulce has been preventing lows

Emergency Supplies Shifted and Animas Pump Off

Just went through all my emergency supplies and got rid of the Animas stuff and stocked it with Medtronics. Also just pulled the plug on the Animas pump as the whining it was doing was getting on my nerves. Pretty sad.

I'm glad to get rid of the big clucky meter whose numbers were too small to read. Seriously.

I'm not having trouble reading the Revel.

Wish that the pump would remind me two hours after testing, but the Contour meter will when I'm using it. I have several boxes of One Touch Strips to go through before I can start using it. Also the insurance company won't pay for it until February.

I've got a few strips coming from Amazon, I've sold some unused One Touch strips and I've got a few that I'm bidding on at EBay, plus Walgreens has a pretty good price on them too.