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Dog people who are non supportive
What I like about the new pump

Am I worse? And NO BUBBLES!

I was talking about how Dulce helps me (the Diabetic Alert Dog), to an agility handler today and she asked if my diabetes is worse.

Well, I consider diabetes like being pregnant. You either are or you aren't and there aren't degrees.

Yes, according to my endo, my numbers are better. However, I'm on more drugs and am on more insulin to keep them there. My diabetes certainly wasn't under control for the past two years, and it is getting more under control with Dulce's help. Lows scare the Jesus out of me, and since she does a nice job of letting me know they are coming and helping me stop them, yes, I'm using her. In fact, I'm getting more and more dependent on her.

BTW, I'm running lower with the new pump and it dawned me today as I was filling my second reservoir – NO BUBBLES! It was impossible to get all the bubbles out of an Animas reservoir and I think I even stopped trying. Getting the bubbles out of the Medtronics reservoir is easy peasy.