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Moral: Even though it doesn’t say NOT to get it wet…

Accommodations at Dog Shows

Just when you think everything is running smooth, someone has to be a jerk….

And it was someone who I thought was a friend, but she drove me to do something I hadn't done. I have been competing in agility trials and this fall is the first time competing with a service dog. The first day was a complete disaster because I left Dulce in the car while I was getting Macy ready. My blood sugar was a complete mess, and both Dulce and I were stressed because of it. The rest of the weekend I kept her with me unless I was actually doing the sport and we were good.

The second weekend, I ran into the jerk. So I went out of the AKC website, and they have a person in charge of accommodations. I sent in my request along with the paperwork I sent to my school. Within 30 minutes I had my accommodations granted and written up in later for me to take to shows:

  • Wear an insulin pump
  • Be accompanied by my dog unless I am in walkthroughs or running a dog
  • Dog be in a cage ringside during those occasions
  • Carry emergency sugar in a sealed container on course

Easy stuff, but now I have documentation if questioned.