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I have a bedroom full of clothing I can't wear. Most of it too small. The weird part, even though I've lost a lot of weight, I'm not losing it in my midsection, so I am still wearing a lot of my old clothing. I have had to discard some skirts, as they don't stay up all day. I'm not ready to get rid of any of my old stuff either. It's a real dilemma.


Odd Pumping Stuff

You’d think after 8 years, I have the pumping stuff down.

Recently I had my first spurter. I have had them with blood sugar tests, but not with a insertion site.  Looked like an ax murder.

Spent two days fighting highs, only to discover that the cannula was kinked when I took the site off.  Obviously some insulin was getting in and I didn’t smell bandaid.  Drove dog nuts and me too.  Next time just change the site, it’s not like I don’t have enough sites.

Oh, and if you check the main site, you’ll see I’m losing weight again.  Hopefully don’t scare myself out of losing it.  And trust me, this is a tough time to lose weight.


Fortunately I’ve been in maintenance mode since school started.  Haven’t really even thought about it, and am surprised, but I’ve managed to maintain the 10 pounds I lost this summer.  Haven’t been weighing regularly so even dreaded getting on the scales.

Back before I got the lap band I was gaining 10 pounds a month, especially during the school year and especially when I was stressed out as much as I have been lately – though that was mostly stress from dealing with other teachers, not student stress.

I think that the fill I got before school started helped – though I haven’t completed adjusted to it.  I still have moments when I eat too much but I’m learning to split meals in half. 

Also learning to do Slim Fast at school.