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10th year Anniversary with Diabetes

Learning to Trust the Dog

After Thursday it will be very hard to get me to go out with out Dulce.  Blood sugar wise, I’ve had a fairly decent school year.  I’ve been very good at control during the day and I’ve learned, once again to tell demanding student – please wait a moment, I need to test my blood sugar (did that at least once yesterday).

Thursday I was having one of those diabetes days.  Blood sugar was high no matter how much insulin I did each check, and in fact, she indicated as we were packing and sure enough I was at 220.

I corrected.

As we headed out, I thought it would be a good idea to get the gym out of the way on the way home.  I was also working on her stay on the mat behavior while working out, so I didn’t give her picking up the leash much thought 15 minutes into the workout as she will sometimes offer that as a behavior when we’re training.

The third time she was adamant about it, I checked and was at 90.  Time for me, personally to quit the work out and get some carbs in me before we had a bad evening.