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Interesting Question for the Diabetes Community, Especially Pumpers
My favorite justification for not having the dog in my classroom.

Traveling with a Service Dog #GHC12 @GHC

In October, I’m planning to go to the Grace Hopper Celebration 2012 in Baltimore.  A few weeks ago I had one of my “oh, my god moments”, and almost cancelled.

However, I took a deep breath and Tweeted @GHC .  Man have they been helpful.  Or it might be one she.

I’ve let @southwestair know and they have been helpful.  I’ve emailed them, and they marked my confirmation and I’ve talked to them on the phone.  Here’s the cool part with Southwest.  They don’t charge for two bags, and I think they are including checked her cage in that.  I’m not sure, as I prefer to travel as light as possible.  Last year, I went for two days, and took two bags on carryon.  That included my purse and CPAP.  This time I’m going Tuesday night until Sunday, hoping to be included in the high school day on Saturday, or maybe go to the Open Source day.

For this trip, I’ll need 4 days of clothing, dog food, dog stuff, diabetes stuff and 4 days of clothing, so probably 5 times as much stuff.  Some of that I can probably get in Baltimore since she is a small dog, and maybe even get a Syster or a Hopper to bring it to the Hotel for me.

The convention center has been great too.  I should probably actually call the hotel, but I did just mark the hotel reservation.

Though I just had heart failure when I saw the hotel room charge!  The taxes are as much as one night's stay.