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Busy Week

I have posted a few notes, but it’s been a really busy week.  I left Dulce at home on Monday, the first day of school.  We didn’t get full official approval until after noon on Monday anyway, and I think that not having her there was a good decision.

She was there all day the rest of the week.  A few people had some concerns, but I think most of them were resolved very quickly.  She has been on her best behavior, only peeing the minute we get out of the building at the end of the day.

When my blood sugar is normal, she snoozes.  When it is out of range, she alerts – she did on Tuesday afternoon and on Wednesday.  My blood sugar was in the 130 most of the day on Thursday and even lower today, but no crashes.  Just nice even blood sugar.

I’m trying to get into some good routines – like drink some slim fast before we do errands, etc. at lunch.  I have a tendency to want her outside, even though she hasn’t peed then, before I take care of myself.

My lapband is a little tight right now, so I really can’t eat anything solid until my off period, which is okay.  Right now, I’m making 4th period my off period and 6th period my lunch.

My biggest problem:  people who want to pet her.  Can you imagine what it would be like if every student pet her?  She would be exhausted by the end of the day.  As it is, her show dog training suites her well, she likes to be admired.

Good Blood Sugar Day!

I had an excellent blood sugar day at school today. 

Guess what Dulce did?

She slept.  She woke up about 5 minutes before the bell rang at the end of the day, asked to go out, we went and she did.  Well, she did get up and run errands with me at lunch.

Left at about 4:35.

It was a good day. 

It will be a while before I will completely heal from two years of elevated blood sugars, but I’m getting better.

Scale Victory!

Lowest weight since lap band.

However, the Aria scale and my network are being stubborn and not talking so I don’t remember exactly which tenth. <pout>

So now I have lost over 40 pounds.

Same TLC Edge wasted that year.  Interesting that I’ve now seemed to have left all the Medical Edge doctors, though the cardiologists don’t know it yet.

First day of school with Diabetes Alert Dog

Had to stop several people from petting her.  Usually adults, some kids that knew me.

We were in the hall, between classes, and she started pulling on the leash (our alert), in the afternoon.  I checked.  Over 180, needed 2 units of insulin.

Now, this is NOT what I trained.  I trained the dog to alert out of range.  For the past two weeks she has been doing this – alerting when I’m in range but needing insulin.

However this is not a bad thing.  I am rewarding this.  I wish I understood it.

The other weird thing is that she doesn’t go to the bathroom all day.  The room is cool and she doesn’t drink a lot of water or move around a lot.  However, she does go out as soon as we go outside at the end of the day. 

Dulce should be going to school tomorrow

Though I did tell my principal he could say no, if he thought it wasn’t a good day.

I do think that today wouldn’t have been good as much as I missed her.  I’ve missed her most of last week, so there you go.

I have paperwork from the district allowing her as a Diabetes Alert Dog on a three month trial basis, to be reevaluated then. 

Personally that is more than I expected and very fair.

I did have to correct the paperwork.  Since it was written she has been reliably alerting lows, and they got her name wrong, but I really don’t care about the name.

I also go to talk to the parent of my one of my students who has poorly controlled diabetes.  They have labs, and he is very much interested in getting help for his son.  Seems that he has been having seizures lately.


Working without my dog

I had to leave Dulce at home last week.  I took her with me Monday morning when I was volunteering, but the construction in the building was causing us both some wicked PSD (we had a truck drive into our house a year ago).

Besides, I was drawing a paycheck on Thursday and Friday and we haven’t had approval yet.   I’m told it’s official and we’re one signature away.

We have done some dry runs.  They have all gone well.

She is polite and well mannered when we walk the hall, even when I have a full load.  She ignores everyone. 

When we go into other people’s classrooms she looks for discarded food and hangs out quietly while I help them.

In our own place, she is happy with her office, and hangs out well there.

It looks good.

But man I miss her when I don’t take her with me, and yes it encourages me to take her more for short errands.

Why do I need a Diabetes Alert Dog?

I’ve gotten several questions about this lately – from my mother to a Type 1 diabetic. 

Yes, I am a Type 2 diabetic but have tendencies towards Type 1.  Whether I have both Type 1 and Type 2 or whether my pancreasis  doesn’t function at all any more (Will Dubois writes about this in books), I am insulin dependent and have been for over 8 years.  Maybe as long as 10 years.

I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago.  I went to the doctor before school started and he scheduled a fasting glucose test for as soon as possible which ended up being a staff development day in September (I did the staff development in the summer).  I remember going to the lab in the morning, drinking glucose and getting madder and madder every minute.  Between two of the blood draws I went to Aubrey Hawkin’s memorial site (an Irving police office and gentleman who was a good friend of mine and who got gunned down on Christmas Eve).  That accounted for some of the mad.

The lab only gathered the samples, the results were read later and sent to my doctor’s office during the weekend.

As the weekend progressed, I got madder and madder.

When I had passed 5 people on Monday morning and just wanted to slap them, I knew something horrible was wrong and called my doctor’s office as they were trying to call me.  They told me to drop everything and come in NOW.  I called and asked for a sub for the day.

My blood sugar was out of site, they gave me metforum and instructions to attend a diabetes class.  I did the next couple of days.  My blood sugar wouldn’t go down, and so we almost immediately went to insulin.

That was then.

For the past two years, I’ve been so afraid of going low, I’ve been running too high.  I have been forgetting to check my blood sugar and in all ways possible been a bad diabetic.  I’ve been lucky and haven’t had any complications, except for hypo-and hyper- glycemic unawareness.

This is where the dog comes in.

She is aware.

Yeah, it’s a pain to drag her around and keep her with me 24 / 7 but with her around I can keep good control again and I’m slowly starting to feel better.

It’s nice.

It’s a drag to explain it all to total strangers.  It will be interesting to have her on campus.  But in the long run it will be better.

Found a good orthopedist


One that has all the tools, lets you pick which one you want, and the timing you want.

I’m getting more and more impressed with the new primary care doctor.  She sent me to a oby/gen I like.  I am getting Mirena tomorrow. 

I liked the orthopedist.  The xrays look bad, but he didn’t rush me on surgery, nor did he rush me on another series of injections.  I said I would probably be back in November, but that Celebrex would do me in the meantime.  That mobic was okay, but wasn’t doing the full job.  His PA is working on the mobic approval.

Getting there.