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My favorite justification for not having the dog in my classroom.
Most interesting day with the dog yet

Decisions Decisions

I’m waiting on my school district to decide if Dulce can come to school with me as a diabetes alert dog. 

I talked with my counselor about it last night, and have made some decisions on her help.  I am going to continue working with her, training her, and using her even if they don’t let me use her at school.

Here’s the deal.  Since I started working with her, my A1C is better.  My over all blood sugar is better.  My fasting blood sugar is better.  Under 140 today, before Dulce it was lucky to be under 180. 

I know for the past two school years, my blood sugar control has sucked, even though I have started out each day wanting good control.  It’s not that I have said – screw this.  Though I admit there are some days I didn’t test at all as it was too much freaking trouble.  But I didn’t wake up saying, I’m not going to control my diabetes today.  It was usually – well, I missed this test, I’ll catch up later today and later never happened.

By the way, dealing with medical professions can be exhausting.  Especially the ones that don’t have a clue about diabetes.  She had no idea that lows come with control and that you can’t prevent them.  Just like you really can’t prevent the odd highs.  Of course, I had to explain that during the meeting with the school committee but it’s less frustrating talking with lay people as you know they don’t get it.