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Fill Last Week

Had a fill last week. 

I’ve lost about 4 pounds but it’s part of the same 5 pounds I keep losing over and over. 

But it’s the best fill I’ve had. 

For those who don’t know, I got a lap band in May of 2009.  I lost about 20 pounds, most of it during the surgical process.  The company that managed the surgery and after care has since gone out of business and there was a good reason. 

Their first fill tech was horrible.  She did it entirely by guess, and it’s a miracle she didn’t make more mistakes.  As it is, I went around with a band way too tight for a year.

They finally went with a surgeon who charged way too much for me, even on insurance, but got me straightened out, and finally was feeling better about things.

But still have been losing the same 5 pounds.

This time I went to a new place, who does the fills for $50.  Forrest Park Medical, and they were great.  They also do the fills under flouroscope, and are very quick and good.  I was able to follow their instructions through the whole post phase, and am doing well.

See my frustration:  (weight loss graph)

6-21-2012 7-50-00 AM

@LAFITNESS How You Don’t Treat Customers

Walked into the Forrest Lane store and was accosted by a personal trainer at the front desk.  Seems he was offended by my workout apparel.

Was wearing my typical t-shirt, skirt with gym shorts under.


He should have taken me aside.

By the way, I’ve worn this same outfit at three different locations.  I know technically it’s against the rules and I’m prepared to take the skirt off, which I did today.

By the way, he has been instructed not to ever speak to me again, and walk away from where I am at.

And he’s a freaking personal trainer.


Just got back from getting a small fill at a new place.

Quite busy and the people in the waiting room rolled their eyes when I told them where I got my surgery.

And of course there is a reason they are out of business.

This place charges $50 self lay, does it with fluroscope and on their schedule - in July they are not doing it on Wednesdays, but that's okay.

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