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I love my FitBit, so I got their Aria Scale.  I have had a Titiana scale for years, and it has been great.  Handles my weight, seems to show BMI, etc. but I figure it's time for something new.

Got the scale last night, it's been on back order FOREVER.  It's wireless and the setup was very different, but easy.  Was able to use the phone, and hooked up to the scale's wireless to give it the wireless key.

Last night it had no trouble connecting to the wireless network and sending my weight, but this morning it took three tries.

I didn't realize it didn't hook up the first time, so two times I had to do it wet.  Well, I have long hair and wet means at least a pound of water.  Good news was that I was able to delete the wet weights and stay with a first thing in the morning dry weight.

Working well.  My weight is transmitted to both the FitBit and the MyFitnessPal websites and synced.

I may want some programming changes on the dashboard, we'll see.