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May 2012

Physical Therapy DONE!

The therapists said I had met 6 of her 7 goals and showed improvement on the 7th.  Now I can concentrate on other things.

It was funny, because the guy who came in after me, had just started.  He had done some workout the night before that made it hard for him to do PT and she got all over him.  Though I’ve been this route before, so I knew that when you are doing PT, that’s your focus when it comes to exercising.

Now I can focus on other things…

Plus yesterday was also the last full day of school and we’re beginning the shut down process.  4 days of exams, and then we’re out.

New Primary Care Physician

Got a nice letter from her office Saturday accepting me into her practice.

Best yet, I needed a Mobic refill – was two weeks from running out.  Albertson’s faxed in the request on the weekend, and her office faxed it back by the end of the day Monday.


Verio IQ

If this was going to be my only meter, this would be it.

Frankly, what I like best is being able to have multiple meters stashed in places, “just in case” that all use the same test strips.  Plus I like the remote control of the Ping.

What I’d really like is if they changed the Ping to have the footprint and style of the Verio.

Revisit with Endo, New Primary Care Physician and weight loss

Eventful day and it’s not even noon yet.

Went back to the endo and went to the first appointment at my new primary care physician.  They are on the same floor, and their waiting rooms are in the same space.

First, the parking lot was stressful and they told me it was only going to get worse because of impending road construction but that’s the story of our life right now.

Dropped off my paperwork first, and left my cards (need to go double check and make sure I have them, I remember getting them handed to me but did I put them back).

Went to the endo, and have lost 5 pounds since last month’s.  We’re doing some tweaks.  Go back in July with full labs.

Then went to new primary care physician and met new nurse who is nice.  Met doctor who is also good.  I stressed to both that I had two good primary care physicians in a row, then one bad.  Biggest problem with new one was that he wasn’t getting labs, and figured solving that problem with practice that shared everything with the endo.

They want full labs in 6 months but said the  July appointment would be fine.

So I guess I have a new primary care physician.

Baby Steps

I’ve decided to slice my weight loss into small chunks so that they are more attainable.

Thus my  weight tickers are showing that I’m only a pound away from my latest goal.

Hey, whatever works.

New "Toy"

I love my FitBit, so I got their Aria Scale.  I have had a Titiana scale for years, and it has been great.  Handles my weight, seems to show BMI, etc. but I figure it's time for something new.

Got the scale last night, it's been on back order FOREVER.  It's wireless and the setup was very different, but easy.  Was able to use the phone, and hooked up to the scale's wireless to give it the wireless key.

Last night it had no trouble connecting to the wireless network and sending my weight, but this morning it took three tries.

I didn't realize it didn't hook up the first time, so two times I had to do it wet.  Well, I have long hair and wet means at least a pound of water.  Good news was that I was able to delete the wet weights and stay with a first thing in the morning dry weight.

Working well.  My weight is transmitted to both the FitBit and the MyFitnessPal websites and synced.

I may want some programming changes on the dashboard, we'll see.