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New Meds

We’re trying two meds.

Topiramate which we are using off label.  Supposed to be sedating, and man, is it.  Also supposed to suppress appetite which I don’t see so much. 

We also added Riomet, the liquid form of Metformin, again.  Not seeing much in the way of changes in blood sugar yet.   

Didn’t sleep well last night

But it was a week ago last night that we had crash – skid.  Woke up at 4:30, rolled over and checked the surveillance cameras on the phone and no problems.  However, we did have a guy walking down the street and I wonder if that is what has been waking me up at 4:30 all along.

Nice to have them.

Here’s my Fit Bit sleep:


Left a Room Silent

Have you ever said something you thought was perfectly normal, but ended up shutting up everyone in the room?

I was in a teacher meeting, said that the security guards on campus where happy to run little errands if you could make it their while ….


and then mentioned that our security guards LOVED to babysit me.  I’d had a low incident bad enough to call the school nurse, treated it but wasn’t sure it was going to work and didn’t want the kids to have to deal with it.

That whole concept freaked them. 

And people wonder why I can’t sleep.

So about 4:34, we hear crash, skid. We look at the cameras and see nothing.  No damage.  About to go back to bed, and husband thinks to look north of us.  Sure enough, stupid car is still on Josey and not moving.  Call cops, go pull fence cam footage:

We’ve got another good view of it, but I haven’t figured out how to retrieve it.

And boy were the cops glad to see the footage.

BTW: stupid driver has no license and claimed he was texting. At least this one was a neighbor.


My knees have been really bothering throughout winter, keeping me from being successful with my dogs in agility.

Of course, everything goes south, blood sugar control, energy, etc.

Been seeing an osteopath office that specializes in knees, they put fluid on them and I rarely have trouble with the left knee.

I start a couple of months of physical therapy tomorrow which is going to be a schedule challenge.

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