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Applying for a Grant

Just went through the applications for STEM awards.  They always irritate me.  The application states exactly the font, paragraph layout, etc.

We had about 6 different applications which did not follow those guidelines.  I personally don’t read those.

One question asks what is unique about your classroom.  The following are NOT unique, as they are things that we are supposed to do:

    • Have a warm nurturing environment
    • Be rigorous
    • Are student directed
    • Using a tool that already exists on the internet. 

I think about 90% of the applications I got, did not mention something unique, OR if it is, we need to examine what is going on in their school

The following things ARE unique:

  • Write your OWN internet tool for collecting and grading work (That got me my first STEM award).
  • Tell me that you have set up your classroom so that it resembles an airport lounge and you noticed your students worked better.  Though that might fit under warm nurturing environment so be careful.
  • Or something I’ve done recently, and gotten ahold of new tables so that students have 3 feet of work space rather than 2 1/2 feet and you have noticed they work harder and have less discipline problems.


Other frustrations include a bill I received early last week, reported them to the insurance fraud as they claim in the bill, I was there on a day I wasn't. Now they are claiming it was for December. Its a complete mess, and are not returning phone calls.

Animas Frustration

Yet again having trouble ordering supplies.

I was on EzReorder and in August didn't get supplies when I expected to.

Called and couldn't get through, finally got supplies about a month after I was supposed to.

I actually think December was fairly smooth but now we have another mess up, can't get the website to take my credit card which is annoying because they never charge the card, you have to go somewhere else to pay.

Could get anyone to answer and then finally there aren't anyone to take orders.

They claim they are in the process of hiring but geez how long does that take, there are smart people all over the country who can't get jobs. 


The UPS gets my insulin to the house at 6:45 when Medco paid for it to be deliver by 3:00 - oh that is only for business addresses.

It was cold at least. 

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At PrimaCare

Been having foot pain which has been making my life less than joyful and was hoping to make it to Monday to deal with with but just can't any more.

First time here and seems good, fixing me up with drugs. We both agree not bone issue but tendons.

Also getting fixed up with Mobic.

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My Fit Foods continued

Working out pretty good.  So far, the food is much easier to eat than our old service.  Rich isn’t objecting to things, which is also good.

Biggest problem today is that I waited too long to eat and ended up eating too much, and something that wasn’t My Fit Foods.

My Fit Foods

We have been using Diet Gourmet for years.  Liked them.  However, they have been bought out and the new pick up hours don’t work for us.

How they did that was pretty weird, they sent out an email about 10:00 am telling us the pickup place had changed.  My husband took it to mean that the pickup had changed that day, which didn’t make sense to us – what about the people who already tried  to pick up?

The new people were rude to him and since I have been driving by My Fit Foods, I didn’t to scope them out.  Also picked up food from them on Thursday.

So far, I really like their business model, they are very low pressure.

I met with their nutritionist today, and had her set up our menus.

So far their food has been good, and I actually that my blood sugar may be smoother.

Their hours are great!  7 days a week and open from 7:00 am during the week and as late at 9:00 pm most evenings.  It’s on the way home from school for me, and about a mile out of Rich’s way.