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In my never ending quest in figuring out how to get things right, I bought a Fitbit.  I’ve worn pedometers before, but they were bulky.  Once you put the world’s largest Windows phone and an insulin pump, a pedometer seems overkill.

Not the fitbit though, it’s pretty small, and I can clip it on my bra and doesn’t seem “in the way”.  

The website works well, and it also works well with MyFitnessPal.  If it had a better interface with the Windows phone, I would switch to Fitbit for all my logging, but the two sites work well.  I’m also have things linked with Endomoto but haven’t tried it.

Might try Endomoto today if I can’t find a good parking space.

FYI, I’m trying a new knee doctor on Monday.

Cortisone Shot

I survived it.

Learned some things. What happened last time will not predict this time. 

Don’t run too much basal at night.

Okay, here’s what happened.  Got the shot on Monday morning, was running high Monday and Tuesday but staying close to it.  Wednesday morning got up, went to work, and tested about 10:00 am and was at 95.  Treated it, ate lunch early, and not budging so I got a “babysitter”.  Was still in the classroom and functioning, but since we have extra people in the building thought I would get an adult to sit with me and make sure I got through it (school nurse agreed).

Was fine, but it took a lot of food to keep it there.

Learned some things about the shot too.  It doesn’t counteract barometric pressure or overuse but does make the recovery go faster.

Now if Medco would just ship me my Celebrex. Apparently waiting on a form from my doctor.