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December 2011

Just about over being mad at Johnson & Johnson

That’s who bought Animas, the company that makes my insulin pump (for my non-diabetes readers).  I have had a perception that Customer Service isn’t as good since they were bought out, and that was confirmed in September, when I didn’t get my diabetes supplies and couldn’t get ahold of anyone who could help.

Good news, is that I didn’t run out of supplies, and that they finally got shipped.  Not there fault, as those who know me know I’m a planner and have never run out of essentials.  I might leave the house without, but that’s another issue.

Anyway, my meter failed on Christmas day (hey, at least it wasn’t the pump), and not only did they get a new pump out to me, but I received a box of TWO cases today.  Oh, and I was right, when they ship out a replacement meter, it DOES come with a new case, so I ended up with three brand new cases.

Not a bad thing since I have beagles who like to eat anything that smells like me, and because I have a happy of wiping the excess blood on the case.  Yeah, TMI.

But my case hasn’t been holding my test strips and they go flying around the room on a regular basis, so a replacement was a good thing.

Interesting Discovery

And probably why I don’t program for a living any more.

Starting a week before the break, I started doing some programming.  I teach it, show code, but don’t often go out of my normal box.  However, the Windows Phone has made me want to change that.

My discovery:  programming makes me eat.  And not in a healthy way.

I am a stress eater and have been all my life, which is why I am overweight.  Getting the lapband hasn’t solved the stress eating, but it does limit me and I have learned to make as healthy a choice as possible.

I am working through the “Shrink Yourself Program” and Diabetes Daily “Diabetes University” so try to solve some of my problems – uncontrolled blood sugar and the stress eating thing, and I’ve been doing some reading on the internet since I realized what the issue is.

One of Scott Hanselman’s posts helped too, because if he get stressed by the whole technology thing but deals with it certainly I can. 

You’ll see more about this issue.

Feeling better about Animas

Had lost a lot of confidence in Animas as a support company because of their snafu’s in August.  I was set up for EzReorder, and it didn’t happen.  When I discovered it, and tried to call them, was on hold forever, left a call back number after about 20 minutes, and didn’t get a call back.

Finally got ahold of them a week later, which would have been A DISASTER if I wasn’t a planner and wasn’t a bit ahead on supplies.

I’ve also had some trouble getting through when needing some technical support, so have been a bit snarky.

Today, my meter failed, and my phone call to Animas was answered almost immediately.  I thought about waiting, but decided that they need to have justification to have people available on Christmas day, and that they probably needed something to do.

However, I haven’t gotten through to meter support.  I’m getting a Error 1, call Customer Service SC 8 and can’t use the meter.

And meter support called about an hour after I talked with Animas, and not only are sending me a new meter but a new case (since I asked and Dulce had chewed on the old case).


Yep, up and at the gym.

Hopefully a busy day as I have bathroom upgrade, sofa repair, and heater maintenance scheduled. Three sets of repair people.

Husband gave me Kindle Fire which so far is a keeper, and gift cards from family.

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Going good

I wish I had done the steroid shot thing a long time ago.

It's been a good week though the blood sugar has been wicked high I got the shot on Tuesday and my blood sugar was high until Friday. I stayed ahead of it the first day, but not after. But now I know.

It's been nice to actually walk through my classroom and the halls. It's been nice to run my dogs.

My biggest problem is that I forget I am lugging too much weight along so get winded but. 

Weight is down
Workouts are easier
Life is easier

Better living through chemicals.

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