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Steriod shots are amazing

I’ve had some for plantar fasciitis and they didn’t do as much as the shot in my knee did.

My blood sugars have been wicked high, but watching them, and running a basal.

I had to get in the pool and walk for a while – my muscles were hurting from the limping but walking normally in water helped that.

I actually did some extra hall walking rather than sticking to my room and emailing people.

Good Orthopedist appointment

Over the past 5 years, I’ve seen 3 different orthopedists (2 in the same office with the same philosophy).  One orthopedist was immediately ready to give me a new knee.  I’m not.

I went back to Dr. Hopkins this summer because he tells me what I don’t want to hear, and keeps me moving an active.  My left knee went out in June, and I had Exfluxa injections in both knees.  Left knee isn’t bothering me, but the right knee went out on Saturday with the cold.

He did an steroid injection though I already had some good range of motion after two leg workouts, walking in the pool at the gym and warning up.  I feel even better with the steroid injection and we’ll see how dog class goes Wednesday night.

Sadly, this will probably be my last appointment with him, but he is handing me off to the other orthopedist I’ve seen in his practice.  He’s retiring.

I have been a good diabetic today

I got up, got dressed, got the dogs fed, got my stuff in the car and went to the gym.

I got 30 minutes of cardio on the bike done.

I went to work and had a decent day.

My blood sugar ranged between 115 and 210 all day.  I feel better.  I hope I can keep it up.

The key, joining Diabetes Daily University and checking my blood sugars.  I can’t tell you which is the chicken or the egg., but its working.

Good book–The book of BETTER

On Monday, it’s going to one of my students.  He is having trouble with depression, his parents want him to investigate a pump, and this book gives the hard sell.  Going to check with the school nurse before I give it to him.  Maybe call mom/dad first too.

However, a couple of things wrong with it:

  • Orange background with white font is almost impossible for an older adult to read.
  • I wanted him to give some credit to Dean Kamen.  In my opinion, Kamen is almost as important to diabetic care as Bunting/Best (he invented the AutoSyringe, the first pump to be used to deliver insulin.

I was really happy to see that the author honored the dogs that helped find insulin.  I’m very much on the side of animal research (one of my best friends is a research vet), and not only did the discovery of insulin help humans, but it also helped dogs (and cats).  Yes, they even know how a special insulin for dogs (and cats).

Lots of things right with it.  Easy to read.  Doesn’t preach. 

Available from, by Chuck Eichten, “The Book of Better, Life with Diabetes can’t be perfect, Make it Better.

LA Fitness

The biggest reason I picked LA Fitness for my gym is proximity, but I have come to love the cardio equipment especially after spending time at another gym.

The recumbent bikes are sturdy and you don't feel like you are going to fall off.

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Dealing with people who don't like me

Now there are lots of reasons for people not to like me. And maybe she just doesn't play well with others.

There is a lady I run into occasionally who has snubbed me. 

Here's. How I deal with it. I pretend that she hasn't snubbed me and treat her like she is my best friend in the world.

However, I am glad that she didn't end up being my roommate. I am not sure I could be that nice for that long.

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Pleasant Surprise

TSA at DFW Terminal E was Smooth sailing. Decided to disconnect and go through the scanner.

They did have to inspect my CPAP bag and swab it. I retrieved my pump since it was in the same bin and she scolded me for taking it off.

So i am currently in Portland a train trip away from the airport.
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