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Scottevest Vest

I’ve had the Scottevest T-shirts for a while, and they are fabulous for hiding an insulin pump and even a phone or two.

I’m going to Portland, Oregon for the Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference next week, and I have been wanting a Scottevest vest I could actually wear for a while.  I own a woman’s size vest, but can’t wear it, as it is too small.

I ordered a Men’s 2x, and it fits my chest fine, but a bit tight in the hips.  Can wear it open though, and can wear it hiked up an inch zipped.

I have it pretty much loaded with everything I would carry in a go-bag. 

  • Meter, lancing device, and strips.  Using a Accu-check lancing device helps, because 6 lancing devices come in a single cartridge.
  • Two infusion sets and cartridges.
  • Insulin and rewetting drops
  • Money and wallet
  • 2 Zune HD Players (may leave them home)
  • Headphones laced into headphone management system
  • Kindle
  • Extra batteries for the phone

It weighs slightly less than my go-bag, since it is made of nylon fabric but I’ve worn it on three different excursions now, and I find wearing it is easier than carrying a bag.  Added bonus, it eliminates a bag.

I am planning on taking a small carry on bag with extra supplies in it.  My CPAP and it’s emergency battery.  I hope to be able to sleep on the planes since I’ll be traveling quite a while.

Slowly getting back to normal

The good news --

Since we’ve been in the house, I am just SO grateful to be there.  Was taking it all for granted.

It is nice to be able to get up and not have to walk the dogs – instead I send them out the back yard.  They prefer that too.

Is everything back to normal.  No, but it is functional and open for guests.

I am picking small areas to fix – the counter on the east side of the stove for example.  Or when I am looking for something I need anyway.

The guest room is open for business.  I’m not sure I would want to sleep there, but there is a TV, bed, closet, etc. 

Even the dogs are slowly getting back to normal.  Macy has won a few agility trials. Dulce is listening.  However, we’re still having issues with Maggie.

Getting back to normal

We have been in the house for a week and we are as back to normal as we can get.

The guest bedroom/Xbox game room is unpacked as is most of my office. Everything needs tweaks, but then they always do.

My goal for the week is to get to the gym and do cardio every day. Have fasting labs on Friday and see the endo the next Thursday.
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