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Latest Update

I was really down because there were only 3 people working at the house yesterday and they didn’t get much done.

HOWEVER, when I got to the house after picking up the mail and the dogs, they were moving the upstairs furniture around and had gotten to the point they forgot.  So with lots of gesture (No English, Miss), I got all the large pieces where they belong, and moved the small stuff myself.

Upstairs is now livable. 

Downstairs not so much.  When I left, they were still working and trying to get the wood floor down in the dining room. Seems somehow the switch got broke to the chandelier in the dining room.  I asked for a new regular switch rather than a dimmer.

The worse part?  The insurance adjuster told me to put Uverse on vacation hold.  I found later that it was a minimum of 2 months and tried to get the house off the vacation hold list, but that didn’t work.  I’ve been on the phone every day for 7 days trying to get this fixed when I finally found someone who realized what the problem was.

Solution, close the old account and open a new one.

However, they saw a problem on the line and have to send a tech out to fix it.  May have to pay an installation fee.  Not sure.  The good news, first open date they have is tomorrow.  BUT I have to be there, so yet again, I have to take a day off.

Good news, this will give me an opportunity to work on putting things back together upstairs.

House progress

Did not expect this but there are bricklayers working on the house.

Yes, Sunday morning started before 9:00 am. At noon looks like a good match

Carpet done in Rich's room, hallway and half the landing and stairs. My room is started as is the landing.

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House progress

They have doing the drywall.

They probably finished carpeting Rich’s bedroom (that was the plan when we left).

We need to schedule an inspection with the bank (I remember reading something about Wednesday on that, but don’t know.

They need to paint.  Put down flooring in the whole house and put the brick up.  Also put up the electrical fixtures.

Good news!

The house passed it’s first inspection and there are permits up on the window and door.

We only had cosmetic damage! 

The contractor thinks that we will be in the house by the end of next week, but without the flooring done.  We have to keep the apartment until November 6th, so we’ll have a place to go, if needed, while the flooring is being done.

The sub-contractor thinks we’ll be in sooner.

New McD’s is trying to kill me

Twice now, the new McDonald’s has given me the wrong coffee.  I caught it the first time, didn’t this time.  Didn’t even taste it until I got to school, and kept thinking something was wrong.

Did call and complain, as a Mocha costs twice as much as the coffee.  Probably twice the insulin too.


House–Door arrived!

Rich and I had the same idea after work last night, get the beagle girls together at the house.

Stopped off at the apt. mailbox and there were 4 checks for us – one for packing/etc stuff, one for the house repair, one for the contents, and one for the electronics.  We’re on our way!

When I got there, our new front door was in the back of a delivery truck.  I had them put it on the back deck and signed for it.

Framing material is in the driveway.

Window has been ordered, and that might be our biggest hold up.

House Update

They started cleaning out the yard debris yesterday so that helped.

I packaged up 7 bags of 20+ year old dog books, all on how to torture your dog. Okay, there was a bunch of novels in their also.

Major purge.  I think the yard guys think they can get some money out of them, doubt it and good luck on that.

No living room now.  They bunched up all the furniture in the living room, then moved the study furniture into the living room.

And we now have a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house, but same square footage.  Weird.

We also picked out a front door.  Very different, but more light into the house and might solve some of the security issues.  Won’t stop a truck but I have a tree on order.

Also ordered security cameras, still need to get the rest of the system.  Though not sure how that is going to help as husband doesn’t get the existing security system.

Cynthia O'Kelly: The Meantime

Quoted from

Cynthia O'Kelly: The Meantime

There are several times in my life that I have been in the "meantime". The meantime is when you havefinished a chapter in life and are waiting for the next chapter to start. Does this sound familiar to you? I readthe book, "In The Meantime" by Ivana Van Zandt years ago when I was waiting for my husband to enter my life.


Cynthia is so right.  I'm in a meantime myself -- I'm waiting for my house to be back and have both an attached garage, dog door and yard again.

Coping with that process has to be my focus, and my weight loss will be my meantime again.  Though I've also tried to live "What Not to Wear's Motto", which is dress the body you have.