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Why I don’t get excited about Diabetes technology breakthroughs

Poor @alfredtwo – He twitted to me about Microsoft’s work on a technology that will allow us to know our blood sugar from our tears.

I was not excited.

I was diagnosed in 2002 and I remember hearing a Paul Harvey segment on the some time shortly after.   So I don’t know how long that tree has been chased, but it’s been in the media for somewhere around 8 years.

So far, the only way to know what someone’s blood sugar is, is to examine their blood.  There is a standard deviation on meters of something like 30%.  That means when I stick my finger and the meter reads 100, it could be anywhere between 70 and 130.  Not real accurate.

Oh, and there is lagtime between the brain and the finger.  Bigger lagtime if I test the surface of my arm.

CGMS technology was bandied about for years.  I’m tried the watch and two version of the Dexcom and I haven’t been happy with the accuracy.  Also haven’t been real happy about the procedure and the cost.

Oh, and do you know how many times mice have been cured of diabetes since my diagnosis?

So sorry, but I’ve been around the block long enough to know not to get excited until it’s on the pharmacy shelf and I can purchase it without having to get rid of one of my dogs.

Gym thoughts

We are hot in Dallas and I have thought that doing house and hot things is best, especially since LA Fitness is relatively cool. If cooler we would allfreeze when we started sweating so not complaining.

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I get stressed by the weirdest things - like being in when @TheMaids clean. My fault, I trusted the transcribed voice mail.

speaking of stress, i had 7 medical appointments scheduled this week and have done 5.

Sleep doctor - left everything alone, wrote prescription for hot tub so get sales tax and renewed existing CPAP orders. i average 7 hours on the CPAP with low leakage and low apnea events which means it works.

Had a small amount of fluid taken out of the lap band. have never hit the sweet spot.

Saw cardiologist and he is leaving me alone for a year. went there as was having edema problems but compression device used during lap band surgery solved that.

got more fliud in knee, PA is good! one more treatment next week. they have "advanced" on shoe inserts, use a factory produced insert at $9.00. Ordered 5 when i got home.

saw Endo. A1c is sucking, we all know why, patient compliance. working on it. Dexcom is way too expensive to be an option.

see dentist in a little bit. long story but tooth cracked.

also see counselor tonight.

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Knees - Better

Woke up no worse than any morning after agility class. Even pretty good here at the gym

two more rounds of fluid injections

I see the majority of my doctors this week. Two a day. FUN!

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Woke up with BOTH knees hurting, though I know it will take a while for the Euflexxa injections to really help.  It takes three treatments to be complete.  Still also very stiff overall.  Especially since last night was a dog agility night.

Looking forward to feeling better.

Euflexxa injections

I found my current orthopedist because my endocrinologist had suggested Synvisc. What I like about this doctor is that he doesn't tell you what you want to hear I almost had a knee replacement because that surgeon told me what I wanted to hear. fortunately his office staff was screwed up.

my doctor uses Euflexxa now, which is just as painful as Symvisc. I have it in both joints this time and had two rounds to go.

glad I am not walking the ut Austin campus this week.

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Scared of my Next Trip

I have to go to Austin and be on the UT campus. It looks like a LOT of walking. Right now, my plan is to stay in the dorm (San Jacinto), and we have to park in the San Jacinto Parking Lot. Most of the meetings are in the ACE building. Looking at maps, SCARY. Last week wasn't good, but weight workouts helped, as did walking the water. I am kicking around the idea of buying a cheap bicycle, but not sure I can ride on either.
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