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Withdrawal from Care Letter

Just got that from my doctor.  Lovely.  It would have been REAL annoying if I hadn’t been home today to receive it.  It claims I have 30 daysto find someone else.  And I would go back there?

Oh, and the other thing that annoyed me, is that he gained weight at a rate more rapid than I did, and still bitched at me for gaining weight.  What a hypocrite!


My 90 day supply of Dexilant is finally on it’s way. 

My approvals ran out back in early March.  The gastro doctor (now fired), got the approvals done but only wrote the script for a 30 day supply as I had not been into see her that year.

Then she wrote a script for 90 days of Protonix.  She also got approvals for that.  Oh, Protonix has never done a thing for me.

Then she wrote a script for 60 days of Dexilant.  By the way, Medco charges the same whether it’s a 60 day or a 90 day supply.  Waste of money.

So I had to cancel each of those scripts, and request another one.  Took about three weeks each time.

I gave up and fired her in May.  Contacted my primary care physician, and he claimed he sent the script in, but wouldn’t do anything else unless I came into the office.  Medco never received script.

We fired each other yesterday.  Did I mention that it is irritating to watch someone gain weight who is bitching at you for your weight?

Got home from the appointment, emailed the endo’s office, and they got the script in and it is being processed now.  FOR the right drug, for the right amount, and the right quantity.

Do you wonder why I am firing some doctors and not others?

How doctors annoy patients

Unnecessary testing, especially when you bill me because insurance won't pay for.

We should only have the conversation once. Frankly, I consider myself under palliative care, keep me functioning so I can teach and play with my dogs. When that isn't possible, its hospice care time.

Don't hold prescriptions hostage.

Be efficient - work by the clock, I do, why can't you. Surgeons and ObyGens are excepted, since can't always schedule things in advance.

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After the firing

I am home and did some research, and since I have a PPO, I don’t need a primary care physician (I suspected that).  Really all I’ve used one for, is to get sent to a specialist, and frankly I haven’t been happy with the ones this doctor has sent me to.  I do much better by asking my endo, or going to doctor’s my friends go to.  Besides, just about everyone he has sent me to is in Oklahoma, or pretty close.

I have three options, a Primacare that is on the way to and from school and is open in the evenings, a Concentra that has 8-5 office hours, that is closer, and a primary care physician a few blocks away that has evening hours.  The Primacare is the most attractive at this point.  Especially since it’s close to the gym.

Primary care physician and I just fired each other

Honestly, the last few visits haven’t gone well.  I started out with a lovely old Jewish man whose office was about a mile from my house.  He went out of practice (retired), and I got moved to a really nice doctor, just out of school whose wife was still in school, still close to my house.  When she got out of medical school, they moved back to Oklahoma.

I haven’t care for this guy, and one reason is that he has gained weight at a more rapid rate than I have, but he still gets on me for my weight.

Plus they moved, and it takes a good thirty minutes to get to his office.

My first problem is that he keeps duplicating what I do and the other doctors do, and then I have to pay for whatever he wanted out of pocket.  The final straw was a figure prick blood glucose test that his assistant did that I got charged $20.00 for.  Excuse me?  That would pay for a bottle of test strips!

Also, I’m quite sure that my vet’s tech is much more educated than she is.

So now I’m looking and I’m thinking about a office that opened recently near me, back to a few blocks away, and I just stopped in and looked over the staff and office.


I gave been having difficulty breathing and my blood sugar has been running high for the past few days.

I think u have figured out the problem, I went cold turkey on the morning caffeine. 

I do feel better with it on board.

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Loving the new routine

Though I don’t want to get TOO used to it, hoping I am teaching next year (yes, that is still in question).

I’m getting up, weighing and discovering I have lost more weight (well, there was a day or two of retention there), going to the gym, coming home and doing sweaty work, and then taking a shower.

Spending the rest of the day doing less sweat producing work.

I have two weeks (this and next), and then go back to a regular work week for two.  Also have some odd workshops.

Getting fixed

I am slowly recovering from the school year and from having a too tight lap band.

I checked out on Friday, got a few things done in the afternoon (gym, nails etc).  Saturday morning woke up, fed the dogs, and decided I needed to do one of three things:  go to the gym, drink water or go back to sleep.

I went back to sleep.  I used to do that when I was in college.  At the end of the semester just SLEEP.  I woke sometime around 2:00 pm, ate lunch, drank that water, and then went to the gym.

I know I haven’t slept well, and I think that Saturday was my reaction to that as I feel much better.

I’m also losing weight – check out the My Fitness Pal widget on the site.

Right now, I think my biggest issue with the gym is the process of showering there, so I’m going to research what might make that better.  I’m thinking ebags is the place to start.

Definitely better

Actually woke up, wanted to work out and up and doing it

Have lost close to 4 pounds of the weight I gained and things don't hurt as bad.

Have a test to give today and one tomorrow, almost every thing is out of my room.   

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