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Just made it. Woke up on time but couldn't move. Blood sugar was over 200 and just couldn't get going. 

Was better at noon but high again now
. Hopefully the workout will help.

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Sorry you are sick George, and it is no better being a "real" type 2. I got finger stuck by a nurse the last time I went to my primary care physician, and got charged $20 for it. Excuse me? And yes, they get paid extra from the diabetes counseling.

Friday sickness made me give in and head into the doctors office. Unfortunately my doctor was not in so I went to see the doctor I have through my wife’s insurance. One of those big HMO group things where you walk in and there are hundreds of people everywhere waiting to see someone.


More on taking care if mr

First , eating is going much better and really glad I went for that appointment.

Yesterday went to my hair guy and got my color touched up. Love it.

Back to going to the gym regulatory but will miss next Saturday due to the robotics competition

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I hate my solid meals today. I had my normal mocha, a slimfast and for late lunch, Diet Gourmet Beef Lasagna which of the meals I had looked like it work the best.

Not only did it work but I didn't feel the need for anything else though I had my hands full with robot.

When I finally got home had their vegetable pot pie which is nicely staying down and not bothering me, though I did have Popsicles after.

I am hopeful.

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Better today

Though I felt so bad last night, anything would be better.

My throat isn’t burning as bad as it usually does when I wake up, and my blood sugar is lower than it’s been in ages in the moring – 137!  Usually over 210.

Almost made it to the gym, though hard about it.

By the way, the medical establishment doesn’t get diabetes

Okay, the diabetes specialists do.  But the average doctor?

I had admitted to the lapband surgeon I saw today that my diabetes was out of control.  When she noticed I had an insulin pump, she asked “doesn’t it know what your blood sugar is?”

She even has a friend who is getting a CGMS, but didn’t know that they didn’t work well.  I will admit I haven’t wore one in a while, but my skin rejected the sensors and never gave me very good readings.  I’m hoping they work better now, but I’m not willing to be the guinea pig again, anytime soon.

Recap of the day

So I got a full gym workout down – cardio and lower body.

Got to the doctor’s office and they had my appointment set up as a new patient, not as a post-surgical patient.  Will teach me to go to the doctor’s office rather than the lap band place.

I got an unfill as my esophagus is stressed from being too tight too long.  Maybe everything will go better now.  I should be on a semi-liquid diet for a day or two, even though the office didn’t tell me to do that.

Need to have a follow up swallow at TLC Edge in a month.