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Last Spring Break workout

Today I am doing my last spring break workout which have been 30 minutes of stationary bike, weights (gave myself one off day) and 15 minutes of water walking.

That means I can probably skip two weight days. I am dreading mornings right now as my blood sugar has been completely screwed and it is hard to wake up.

I woke up at 7:30 and went right back to bed and slept until 10:00. 

The good news is that hopefully I will gave everything packed and ready to go for the morning by the time Dulce and I go to agility class.

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Spring Break and the Gym thing

I have been on Spring Break and it has been good. Not sure why but the last weeks were hard.

Haven't been sleeping well, haven't been waking up and haven't been on a routine as a result.

To be honest I haven't been on a routine thus week, but have been consistent about getting to the gym and consistent on working out. 30 minutes of cardio, either upper body weights or lower body, followed by 15 minutes of pool walking and then relaxing in their hot tub and the sauna.

Gotten lots of maintenance done, saw gastro doctor, A/C checked, sprinklers serviced post winter. Stuff I just don't get dealt with during school days - or just stuff that is hard to do. Don't know why husband doesn't do them.

Almost recharged and ready to finish out the year.


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On My Mind: Bedbugs! | Karen Pryor Clickertraining

You could make a mint. Provided you don’t mind having your own bedbugs.


Karen brings up the points I always bring up when discussing diabetic alert dogs:

a) Finding honest people in the business
b) Correct alerts (alerting only when the cue is present).
c) Having to duplicate the conditions for training.

I'll stick to my meter and let someone else get in the bed bug business. Bring back DDT!

Blog Anniversary

Feb 28th was my 8th year blog anniversary.  I think.  I'm terrible at time math.  I have to constantly recalculate when I can retire ... let's see, add age and years of service, subtract from 80 and divide by two.

I know I haven't been blogging much.  That tells you that I am ignoring diabetes and any other health issues as much as I can.