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Zune problem

I have music – specifically Lisa Marie Presley’s “To Whom It May Concern”, that will load to my Zune HDs but won’t load to my Window’s Phone 7.  The tracks are Sinking In and Important

I have other pieces, but it think this one is most representative.

I have tried specifically Syncing those tracks, and I have tried the reset tool and the missing tracks are still on the Zune HD but not on the Window’s Phone 7

Solving the food problem

Got another Diet Gourmet meal that looked edible, but couldn’t.  Realized very quickly it wasn’t going to work, so put it aside, threw a baked potato in the microwave, nuked it, and mashed it with the problem meal.

Problem meal solved, went down okay with the potato (and some additional condiments).  Yes, extra calories, but didn’t put me in the – can’t eat regular food, will eat mushies next three days mindset.

Learning not to eat too much of the greens in a salad, and doing better.

Oh, and best yet – the caterer at the dog agility trial nuked my breakfast (belgium waffles with blueberries), and was able to eat it with some pacing at 9:30 (considering I got up at 5:00, it is the middle of the day).

Feeling good

Yesterdays agility competition went well. Drove s total of 6 hours to fl it amd was emtered on threr classes

I have a video up on my skydrive. Not Able to link to it on the phone urt
I think. We teally need cut and paste.

Weight loss is still hard because of the food issues but this weekend was also hoof food wise.

Baby steps
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If you follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook you will see I have been consistent on getting to the gym each day. I missed when I was sick in December and the people at the gym said thank you.

I use workouts sent to me by Fit4D. Finally got the coaches on the same page but having a billing issue that I verified this week and notified them about last weekend. Hopefully they will get that together soon.

I am still having some food issues that i am dealing with. Basically, the lapband causes some bulimia that causes some poor food choices to avoid. Diet gourmet 's portion sizes help but there are still some choices that cause problems.

I feel good about the workouts.

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Pump vacation • No way!

Pump vacations seems to be the topic of the week and let me tell there is no way!

I was on insulin via injections for over a year and very did very well. I tried but stuff didn't release smoothly and I always had too much or too little and felt like a crazy woman.

Their reasons don't apply.

.I honestly don't care if someone sees the pump or the tubing and if others aren't adult to deal with, well, the need to grow


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Biggest Lap Band Problem

Tossing up food.  Seriously.  I ate a snack that had celery and carrots, in addition to grapes, hummas, and pita bread, and started tossing it up.  I am pretty sure it was the celery and carrots and it is dumb that I ate it in the first place.  The whole purpose of carrots and celery to is add bulk to the snack and I don't need any more bulk.

For some reason, that triggers me to eat more.  Not sure why.  I do know I end up with a sour throat, and need things that soothe it.  Popisicles generally work.


Diabetes sucks!

I went to the gym this morning, and 48 minutes into a planned 60 minute stationary bike, I got the cold sweats.  Went to the car, tested and was at 75.  At the same time, god was dumping huge chunks of white stuff on my car.  Grabbed a 100 calorie pack of Lorna Doone’s, ate them and went home.  Might get brave and go back, but man, I hate white stuff.

Things are coming together

Husband's job is still sucking, but at least he isn't in fear of losing it.  Nice to be able to come home and find him here and not be afraid.

Diet Gourmet changed their portion size and I actually went the entire week without tossing up food.  It's nice.

Steadily losing right now -- gain a bit over Christmas and now taking that off.  Baby steps.

Have been to the gym every day this year.

Nightline 1/1/2011

Listening to the audio podcast, and just blew a gasket.  They claimed “Type 2 Diabetes is a preventable disease caused by fast food.

Wish it were so simple.

However, I frequently claim that “white European food” is designed to kill the rest of the world.  Let’s face it, Europeans have frequently accidently killed cultures when they came into contact with them – small pox for example.  Our diet has evolved with us, and what we can survive, kills the rest of the world, BUT please, it’s a joke.

Loving @dietgourmet new menu

I have a lapband.  I have had a horrible time with food since I was banded.  For most of the time, I’ve been too tight and didn’t know it.  Thought it was supposed to be that way.

It’s better yet with the smaller Diet Gourmet portions.  They have changed their menu to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack.  Before it was breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s made a major difference in my ability to eat.  I had breakfast around 10:00, lunch around 1:00 and will eat a snack soon. 

And here I was a tad stressed over the change….