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Finally Losing Weight

New decade

I think the lapband people call it "being at a new decade". I have seem the same two digits on the scale for over a year and today I finally see a different Set. Well the first digit didn't change but the tens digit has.

Several things have gotten together to make the change. First the unfill - I am getting more comfortable with food and rating everyday.

The second is a bad tooth. It broke labor day weekend, I had a root canal and am with a temporary crown. Right now is the most uncomfortable I have been. I can't chew well but I am dealing with that better than the tossing up food. It does not cause a binge of mushies.

Finally changing my exercise routine. I have been at the gym almost everyday since the physical therapist convinced me to sell my treadmill and join a gym and switch to stationary bike. Okay that is really the reverse of what happened nut you get the point.

By the way the knee has been pretty good. I had a lock up during a walk through at agility yesterday but it hasn't kept me from running. However I still have a lot of pain and stiffness in the surrounding muscles.