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October 2010

Losing Weight again

Not as easily as I did the week before Parent Conferences, and I think one of the reasons is my sleeping issues.  Kids are bothering my not working -- CS is fine, it's the Web Design kids that aren't working.

But I'm slowly losing weight.  Unfortunately I am also still having trouble with some foods.

Then I Quit Losing Weight

I was doing well, lost 5 pounds, feeling good and then Parent Conferences hit.  12 hour day, not knowing how I had to talk to, and in fact, only 11 parents showed.  That sort of thing always stresses me out and makes ne eat.

Gained back most of the weight I lost, and it's taken several days to recuperate, but I think I'm back on track now.

World, leave me alone.

Finally Losing Weight

I am finally losing weight, and believing it.  My TDD is down, and while I’ve had a bobble up or two, I am seeing a steady increase.  Almost too much but I’ll take it right now, since it has been SO long since I’ve been able to lose weight.

I get hungry again, but I think it’s usually associated with a low blood sugar, so I’m trying to keep that from happening.

I’ve actually raised my bolus carb to insulin ratio by one, and I’ve reduced my evening basal by 10% because I keep going low during dog classes.  I even reduced my dog agility ratio by 10% – though that wasn’t firmly adjusted because it hadn’t happened enough lately to be a real basal rate.  It’s just an estimate based on my usual basal rate.

Yes, I’m one of those people with multiple basal rates, which always surprises my endo.  I have one programmed in my pump for regular days like today.  Just to get to my room I have to do quite a bit of walking, and I’m much more active.

I have a weekend basal rate which is about 20% higher than my weekday rate.  Again, not as much walking.

I have a workshop basal rate that is about 50% higher than my weekday rate.  That accounts for sitting in one spot and being stressed.

Then I have the agility basal rate that is between 30-40% of my weekday rate.  That accounts for the sitting and waiting and not being quite as stressed.  It’s also a shorter day than my workshop rate.

I even have different bolus rates based by the time of day.  I tend to need more insulin to process my earlier meals, and less to process my evening meals.

Anyone else see that much of a difference?

New decade

I think the lapband people call it "being at a new decade". I have seem the same two digits on the scale for over a year and today I finally see a different Set. Well the first digit didn't change but the tens digit has.

Several things have gotten together to make the change. First the unfill - I am getting more comfortable with food and rating everyday.

The second is a bad tooth. It broke labor day weekend, I had a root canal and am with a temporary crown. Right now is the most uncomfortable I have been. I can't chew well but I am dealing with that better than the tossing up food. It does not cause a binge of mushies.

Finally changing my exercise routine. I have been at the gym almost everyday since the physical therapist convinced me to sell my treadmill and join a gym and switch to stationary bike. Okay that is really the reverse of what happened nut you get the point.

By the way the knee has been pretty good. I had a lock up during a walk through at agility yesterday but it hasn't kept me from running. However I still have a lot of pain and stiffness in the surrounding muscles.

My Fitness Pal

As those know who follow my other blogs, some I bought with insurance money is an iPod Touch.  Liking it.  So I’ve found an interesting app (after trying several), called MyFitnessPal that not only allows you to log and keep up with a food diary, but also does exercise.  Best yet, it has the best database I’ve ever seen for logging food, and has a bunch of the Diet Gourmet foods already.

It has a community, and I have a friend already, which is fun.  It also tells facebook and twitter stuff.  My counselor liked it when I showed her.

Best news – since my unfill, I’ve lost 4 pounds.  That means 4 less pounds to lug around this weekend during agility.  Trying not to think about it too much though, because I’ve been known to savatouge.