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Animas Pump - Protective Film

I finally had to replace my first protective film for my Animas pump.  Frankly they should provide the stuff for free, because they are the one who picked the lousy plastic for the screen in the first place.  I scratched the #$@#$ on my first pump, not knowing that the plastic was scratchable.  I'd had an IR1000, an IR1200 (actually several), and none of their screens scratched.

The film is really easy to apply and like I said, lasted longer than I remember.  Peeled off with some effort (this is a good thing).

Also loving the new meter skins!

Major Brag: Worked out in the morning

For the first time in years, I was able to get up and work out in the morning.

Seriously, for a long time, I was able to get up in the morning, go to the gym, work out, get ready for work and go to school.  However, there are some major differences between this gym and that one.  Towel service! And I have to plan hard to get it done.

I also take one of the @LAFitness hints and keep a full, clean set of work out gear in my car at all times.

However, to do the morning thing, I have to pack a bag the night before and have it ready to go.  Yes, I've already packed tomorrow's outfit and am almost ready to go.  One of the things I do that helps, is tha as soon as I get home, I empty and repack my gym bag, so I am good to go.

I'm up to 25 minutes a day on the stationary bike and I need to ask my physical therapist how much I should shoot for.

End of the First Week


  • I am up to 25 minutes on the bike.
  • I am faster than my dog, but that's only because she is lazy.  I have been making fun of her because of it.
  • Physical therapy is working, I am only having pain when and after I exercise.  The knee isn't waking me up at night.
  • I am using less insuin.

The first week (before kids) was tough, but my mother pointed out that I was usually in tears at least twice from frustration, etc.  Like the year that they told me I was teaching math to non-English speakers.  My schedule looked good.


We've had kids for a week now and it is going well.  One of the special ed. case workers came to tell me she was adding a kid.  I already knew he was coming, but I had a great compliment, he asked to have his schedule changed to have me as I was "the best teacher at Hillcrest." He had been in my remedial math class last year, and I tried hard to fix him.  He needs a lot of fixing, more than a classroom teacher can do, but I did my best.  Glad to see he appreciated my efforts.


So far, I have been able to consistently exercise.  I've been at LA Fitness every day and have either walked in the pool or been on a stationary bike and worked my way up to 25 minutes.  Seeing insulin usage go down as a result and wish I could get in to the gym in the mornings, but just can't.  Can manage it on the weekends, and I am going to try to work in at least Monday each week, but may not be able to because I wake up so groggy.


Food could go better.  I'm not eating in the day and taking in too many calories at night, just like the last two years but focusing on changing that.  The not eating in the day isn't going to change in a while, but I am working on the calories at night first.

Argh! Tired…

First week with kids is hard.  I haven’t slept well.  I have also been more physically active than I usually am, which means I’m running a tad low.  Today is day 2.  It went faster than I wanted it to.

I have decided to cut down some stress and go liquid diet while I am at school.  Don’t have to worry about tossing up any food that way.  Especially now that we are back to the 25 minutes or so. 

I’ve managed to work out every day since I got my @LAFitness membership Thursday and it has had a drastic effect on my blood sugar.  I just adjusted my bolus and correction rates so I am taking less insulin then.  But then right now, I realized that I forgot to bolus for a really carb filled dinner.

Off line to train some dogs.

Beginning of the school year

I'm running slightly low today.  Lower than I would like.  I've already upped my bolus rate on this morning's mocha, and came in right around 160.  I skipped my bolus for lunch on purpose, as I was 109 before lunch. 

I've never started the school year out running low, but I think it's the change in exercise routine, between having physical therapy twice a week, and joining LA Fitness.

And I think I might have sold my gym equipment.

Advantage to Having Health Club Membership

We had a pool but it needed major repair and we decided to fill it in.
We DO have an awesome hot tub but after three weeks of Heat Advisory, it's too hot.

So when I got home very stiff from a weekend of dog agility, I went over to @LAFITNESS and got in their hot tub, then walked in their pool for 20 minutes, got in the hot tub again, and then hit the sauna.

I feel better.

Exercise Routine

I feel a lot about my gym choice since I ran into my former student there.  He really likes it.  Worries me that it isn't busier though.  Maybe I'll see how it is in the morning before school.  Don't want the place to go out of business!

I keep my "free" LA Fitness bag in the car with exercise wear, swimsuit and towels.  When I come home from working out, I dump all the used stuff in the hamper, refill it and put it back in the car -- NO EXCUSES.

I'm doing my daily knee exercises there and am up to 15 minutes on the stationary bike.  I've tried each model and think I have figured out my favorite, etc.

Also soaking the knee in the hot tub after ( and the rest of my body) since our hot tub is currently TOO HOT!  How many weeks of heat advisory now?

Still need to sell my exercise equipment.  Figure I'll post it weekly, each time reducing the price until someone comes and gets it.

Trying to keep my knee–Changing my workout routine

I’m still going to walk the dogs, because that’s the best way to get Macy to lose weight and I think it helps Dulce’s energy level.

However, I’ve got my gym equipment listed on eBay, and I have a membership to LA Fitness.  I went ahead and got the cheapest, long term membership, since the gym has been open for awhile, it is still VERY clean and it is blocks from the house.  I’m hoping that selling the gym equipment will pay for at least part of the membership and I’ll have that room to do something else.  Like an very small indoor dog training room.

Here’s why:

Two orthopedists and three physical therapists want me to do the majority of my exercise on either a stationary bicycle or in water.  This gym has both.  I had a long term membership which I used daily on the other side of the office plaza so I have been known to use a gym membership.  I might even go on the way to school tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath (but would solve a problem if I did that on Monday’s and Friday’s at least).

It’s time to listen to the people I pay for advice, and I really want to avoid the knee replacement.  I’m really wondering about it since I have an appointment on September 13th, and have not heard a word from the orthopedist office.

Mo. service dog firm ordered to refund customers - Health -

I'm doing the "Happy Dance" -- have watching them for quite some time, and it hasn't looked right from my viewpoint as a Scent Dog trainer.


Quoted from


Mo. service dog firm ordered to refund customers - Health -


The Jefferson City News Tribune reports Wednesday that Heaven Scent Paws, of St. Elizabeth, also was ordered by a trial judge to pay more than $190,000 for restitution.

Sleeping Solo No Longer Sign of Sour Marriage - Local News - Dallas/Fort Worth, TX - News -

First:  He’s my doctor.

Second:  He’s a former Hillcrest grad (where I teach)

Dr. David Luterman, medical director of Baylor's Sleep Center, said he expects the number to grow.

Sleeping Solo No Longer Sign of Sour Marriage - Local News - Dallas/Fort Worth, TX - News -

And I moved out because I snore, I have restless leg, and I hate his schedule.