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Knee Surgery
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Surgery Scheduling–will probably Postpone

As much as I would like to be a spoiled brat and get the surgery over immediately, it looks like putting it off until November would be a better thing.

Here’s the deal.  They are saying 6-8 week recovery.  I have 36 sick days.  Best case is 6 weeks and that means I have 6 days left.  If it goes to 8 weeks, I have my pay docked.  Not good.

However, if I do it in November, I have the week of Thanksgiving off.  I’m also off through the 20th and January 1.  The optimum time to do the surgery is on November 15th putting the eighth week ending on January 1st. 

Yes, that means missing Dallas Market Hall, but Mildred COULD show Dulce as bred by if she looks good enough, and I would be up and about to show her at Nolan River.

It also means using only 25 sick days – worse case, leaving me with 11.