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Knee Replacement

I really want to stop hurting and the idea of getting a knee and not hurting sounds good. 

However, having my knee chopped out, having new stuff put in and months and rehab does not sound good.

I’m ambivalent on missing work.  It looks like I have a bunch of kids who want to take my class – if that is true, then I don’t want to miss work.  I had some stuff go on with adults last year, that if they go on again, I would be just glad to be away from them for several months.

So I got a phone call this week, “we’ve been trying to get a hold of you and you’ve been approved for more physical therapy”.  We won’t get into the fact that it is REAL easy to get a hold of me.  Leave me a voice mail.

I went to physical therapy yesterday and when I left the only thing hurting was the knee.  On Monday, my whole leg was about a 10, went to Massage Envy, and left at a 7.  At the end of the physical therapy appointment the only thing that was hurting was the knee, and I think it was down to a 5.  That’s good.  And I haven’t taken a pain pill since though I woke up a few times uncomfortable.

So if the physical therapy can bring the pain down to manageable levels, you can bet I won’t be going for the surgery!