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Cheating at 4Square?

@alfredtwo aked how someone cheats at 4square.  There is no checks on double (or triple, etc.) check-ins, so someone can check in several different times – yes, I’ve tried it, I didn’t think it was cool that someone who lived 20 miles away was mayor of MY park.  Yes, I have a park, it’s across the street.  I and each of the neighbors who face it get equal dibbs <vbg>

Also, you can check in via the week – which I am about to do now – by going to

Being mayor gives you an advantage at some venues – not many – they might give you a free drink.  Would love it if more would.  Of course at our park, you can get a free drink at the drinking fountain, or a free pooper scooper bag from one of the convenient trash cans.  Or a free ride on one of the swings.

So why cheat?  Well, to get free stuff is there is any.  Or to be on the leaderboard.  Silliness.