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June 2010

Exercise and Eating

I’m not sure why, but it’s hard for me to exercise when I’m working.  Easier when I have summer.  Things are going well exercise wise.

In fact, I just finished walking 25 minutes, from 1.6 to 1.8.  Slow but steady.  My rule right now is to walk 25 minutes straight or two sessions of at least 15 minutes a day.

Knee is tight, and so is the leg, but it’s doable.  I would like a few more sessions of rehab, but if it doesn’t happen I’ll survive. 

Doing lots of dog training, and even some some trials.  Last night Macy and I did USDAA, and didn’t make time but had a good time. 

My goal for exercise is to easily due 25 minutes, then work towards running a 5K.  Don’t want to run a 5K, just do the training.  I figure it will make courses easier to run.

Gynecologist visit was interesting

This was my yearly exam.  Hate them, but don’t we all.  I’ve been on Depo Prevera for over 20 years, and just hit 50 last December, so had decided not to order the next depo shot and leave it up to the doctor if I should take the current one.

He had NO idea I was 50!  He thought maybe early 40’s.  He’s having me take the Depo until I turn 51 since that’s the average age and see what happens, so I had my shot today and I will order the next one when I’ve finished this post.

One of my friends and I have been discussing the age things, since my students insist I have to be around 35, and hers insist she must be in her early 40’s – she just retired after 37 years of teaching. Our theory is we think younger because we are around them and must act younger to keep them under control.  Interesting theory.

Waiting on test results, but not at all concerned as cancer doesn’t run in my family, just diabetes and cardiovascular complications.  I do need to get a mammogram scheduled.

Interesting Opportunity

I’ve been contacted by the manufacturers of Glucerna.  Here’s what they sent to me:

Now that we’re well into the cookout season, many people will spend the July 4 holiday gathering with friends and family to enjoy warm weather and good food.  But for the nearly 24 million people in the U.S. living with diabetes, partaking in the summer fun is not as easy since they have to constantly balance their lifestyle. 

That’s why Glucerna and Mother Love, author, speaker and entertainer, have teamed up to educate Americans and raise awareness for diabetes. Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1990, Mother Love, who you may remember as the host of the syndicated TV talk showForgive or Forget,” made smart lifestyle choices to gain control of her health. Now as research ambassador for the American Diabetes Association Research Foundation, she travels the country sharing her success story to inspire others to take charge of their health to either mange or prevent diabetes. 

To coincide with her efforts, Glucerna  would like to offer you five giveaway packages for your readers that contain a mixture of great-tasting Glucerna shakes, snack bars and cereals, Mother Love’s book “Half the Mother, Twice the Love,” packaged in a chic reusable lunch tote that’s perfect for summer picnics.

They have given us the opportunity to ask her questions and she will respond via email.

First four questions will get a give away (sorry, but I want one of them!)


    • The makers of Glucerna at Abbott Nutrition provided complimentary product for me to sample and offer to readers.
    • Glucerna nutrition products are formulated for people with diabetes and should be used under medical supervision.

It is definitely summer!

My blood sugar is fairly normal – my insulin usage is down.  Today was very busy though.  I spent some time working on the Fall test (plan is to finish and submit it tomorrow), went to car accident rehab, got Dulce shots at the vet.  Very full.

Still have agility class tonight.

Managed time on the treadmill even.

Love summer.

Tomorrow have half a day of staff development, but should live through that one.

Summer back on track

Now that I am out of the teacher workshop:

4 1/2 days of sitting still.  I think there was maybe 5 hours of hands on, but that might be generous.

4 1/2 days of new people and new food. 

New dog was not happy with the routine and I needed to spend time training her, but didn’t have the energy.  So I also didn’t get treadmill time, plus the food was much higher carb than I need.

So I am back on track.  I’m afraid that I am going to get only one more rehab appointment from the last car accident.  However, what I get is what I get, and I’m glad to get as much as a I did.

My focus now is on getting everything back on track.  I would LOVE to lose 20 pounds over the summer.  Happy with 10.

Why I hate AP Workshops

They last for four and half days (once I accidently enrolled in one that was five and half days) and you have no control over your life during the workshop. Most of them feed breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. This one is just lunch. They rarely tell you what they are doing ahead and this one is no exception.

I have to say that only one lunch was bad – Monday's – and the rest went well, but I did skip todays. We usually found out right before we left from lunch where we were going which really bugged me.

I will say BBQ restaurants always go well, and I found another good one today – Black Eyed Pea. The secret to both is baked potato – dump the meat into the baked potato and you are good to go. My secret when I can't get enough protein. Certainly isn't low calorie and doesn't follow the rules, but works when you don't want to embarrass yourself.

Dosing insulin is absolute no fun and I usually end up going high. Sure have this week.

Diabetes Victory

#bs started at 179 today. After my morning McD's Mocha and a correction I was in the 140's. Not bad, that's my goal for 2 hours after eating. Apparently my workshop basal is too low. I will have to look at everything again on the computer and make sure my settings are right.

So right now, I am running on my weekend basal, which isn't as high as workshop, but lower than my "teaching" basal.




Brett’s Snapple is better than Holly’s


First 0 carbs vs. 44 carbs per bottle. 

The good news, I can only stand to drink about a 1/4 of hers at a time.  However, Bret’s is GOOD!  Hope they keep that one on the market.

Broke down and bought Holly’s because Brett’s wasn’t on the shelve at Albertson’s.

Really want it back.  One of the few teas I like to drink.

Diabetes is no fun

So I did my normal stuff today – picked up a McD’s Mocha (long story on that), drank it slowly, checked my blood sugar two hours after I drank it.  Whoops, my meter shows I’m at 104 and over 4 units of insulin on board.


Good thing I carry a Slim-Fast.  Drank it, only covered the “missing part”, and then turned the temporary basal to –10%.  Hopefully that will carry me to lunch.


The problem with being at an AP Workshop is that it takes about 50% more insulin to survive them.  Whoops, I forgot that this morning.  Just went on workshop basal.

I also forgot to make sure I had enough test strips in my equipment bag.  I don’t call it a purse because I have more stuff than a purse has.  Like USB cables.

Lunch went horribly.  We went to a chinese buffet and I got stuck.  It’s okay because I brought a can of slim fast.  I think it was because I ate to fast.  I did follow bandster rules, and I ended up not eating much.

Bring the slim fast AND my own water was a really good idea.  Good news – we’re done to take at 4:00 and we have three and half days to go after that.