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May 2010

Finally getting over the car wrecks

It's taking two Celebrex, sleeping pills and a massage, but I am feeling better. Stiff still, but once I get moving it isn't bad. My first problem was sleeping – I didn't sleep at all Wednesday night in anticipation of waking up hurt, so I did Sonata for two nights. But didn't feel really right, because I never feel really right when I take a sleeping pill, and I've tried both Sonata and Ambian. I had trouble getting to sleep Saturday night, but once I got there was able to sleep a full 8 hours, but woke up a few times.

Last night I was able to get to bed around 10:00 sleep in until 6:00, get up and go back to bed for a full hours.

Also did a massage for 1 ½ hours at Massage Envy yesterday but that's really too much – I can do 1 ½ if I do it with my regular person and she does my feet and hands for that long, but not a regular 1 ½ home massage. Needed it this time though, and it took out the final kinks.

Will go back to school tomorrow, but have no students assigned. Have staff development until 6:00 pm – looking forward to that though, since it's Kagan and it's something I've been wanting to know more about.

Thursday will be my hardest day as I have to give a test in a portable, and I'll plan that out tomorrow.

May fire my primary care physician

He has decided to implement a diabetes care program where his “medical assistant” takes your blood sugar and A1c without finding out whether the A1c was done recently or not.

Mine had been done two weeks before, so the insurance shouldn’t pay for his.  And of course, the “medical assistant” didn’t bother to even tell me she was taking my A1c.

She also wanted a bunch of other labs that had been done two weeks before again WITHOUT telling or asking me.

Oh, and the reason I was there?  To get treatment for a car accident and it had NOTHING to do with diabetes.  In fact, I go do a specialist for my diabetes/lipid levels care and have for years.


Saturday after the Accident

Finally calm.  Seriously.  All day Thursday and all day Friday was dealing with insurance, with the injuries, etc.  It was absolutely out of control.

Today, all I had to do was to go to McKinney and get my hair trimmed.

It's nice.

My voice is still very raspy -- it sounds like I have cold, but I don't.  I am sore, especially if I stay in the same position too long.

I'm better though and I think that the massage will fix the most.  I tried the muscle relaxants my doctor gave me, but they didn't seem to do any good.  Double Celebrex is doing more good.

My endo is a genius

Seriously.  Joseph Milbourn.  Kind of hard to get in to him, most of the time.  He’s tweaked my settings, and my blood sugars are running pretty close to normal even with all this stress.

No basal testing, just reading the log.

Car accident – where I am at

Got a call this morning from the car repair shop as I was getting ready to go.  They were very nice and as promised, had a car for me.  I’ve done business with them before and as they were before, very nice.  Also knew the other driver well.

I am stuck driving a car.  It’s not bad but only has one cigerette lighter so had to get my adapter out of the truck.

I have called Farmers and have gotten all the claims straightened out.  Will fix that at the Chiropractor’s office this afternoon.

By the way, my lower back and right hip, knee, etc. hurt.  I have asked for sleeping medication from my sleep doctor’s office and will take it.

I have an appointment tomorrow with the primary care physician.

None of this is very fun, but was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were paying for the two days off.

Another Car Accident

It gets worse.


I was off school and headed for the chiropractor who is fixing me from a rear-in collusion that happened on May 9th.  Lady yelling at her kids hit me at a light.


I needed something to eat as I wasn't going to be home and decided to try Long John Silvers (they do a plank of fish and fries for 2.15 after tax and I only ate a couple of fries).  Was waiting for the order when the rear of my Escape went airborne, was slammed forward at least 1 1/2 car lengths and landed.  Guy behind me hit his accelerator by accident.  88 years old, former marine and couldn't hear a word I said.


I totally freaked when my car went airborne and starting screaming and didn't feel like stopping.  Long John Silver's called 911.


A very nice Dallas PD cop did an accident report and explained to me what happened -- basically his car slid under mine.  Long John Silver's gave me a horrible drink free (sugar free, no carbonation, nasty stuff), but it was wet.  While the cop did the accident report I ate the fish.  Thankfully I did because I didn't get to eat until 10:00.


Did go to dog agility but it wasn't pretty.  Mostly went for the sympathy.


Everything hurts right now, already called in sick.  I'll have pictures of the other car later.

A little better

The numbers worked just a little too well, but the place where I train dogs indoors had some red vines and two did the trick.

To go back.  I went to my endo for the emergency appointment.  At the time I was completely numb, which was better than the weekend or last week.  The weekend I spent mostly sad and some angry, and spent a quite a bit of the week angry.

He gave me a complete new set of numbers, which I put in the pump as soon as I had a stopping point.

Had my morning caffeine after and a McD’s cookie (actually in the other order), because I had forgot my lunch and nothing else seemed appealing that I could get drive through.  In fact, I ordered three and ate one, and I have no idea where I put the other two, probably the trash somewhere.

Had lunch at dinner time, and had dinner an hour or so ago.  (Both from Diet Gourmet).

So food better even though I’m eating at weird times for me.  I have to listen to the band and do what it says.  If it is too tight, I can’t even get water down. 

Doctor did say there wasn’t a major wand, and I am expecting to be on the roller coaster a while.

Still not great

I’m still having some inexplicable blood sugar excursions, but at least they are on the meter now.

Still feeling really bad, but I’m letting my health care team convince me that the problem is the blood sugar and recent events and that it will get better.