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Food Revolution – Jamie Oliver

The thing that bothers me about the whole Jamie Oliver thing, is that I think it a huge publicity stunt and that the hard work is already done.

Remember, I teach high school and I have been in a Texas (Dallas), urban school for 17 years.  When I first started at my school, they had pie at every meal and the neighborhood would order and buy them. 

That was the first to go.  Two problems, the possible abuse of money and the fat and sugar in the pies, but man or man, they made fabulous Chess pie.

Then the cookies left.  They had huge-mongous cookies for $.50  Former students would sneak in at lunch time to buy them a few times a year.

I think the fry vats are finally good, one of the last to go. 

Our cooks cook and man they can make a mean whatever they make.  Most of the prep work is done at a central location, but is fresh food.  They have chicken at least once a week, baked, and very good.  I will admit that the most popular items are pizza and burritos.

By the way, I don’t have problems with breakfast pizza – what is the difference between breakfast pizza versus a bisquit, eggs and meat?  It will get kids to eat breakfast, all the power to you.  It depends on the fat, processed sugar, and processed content.

Oh, yeah, and when I wouldn’t breakfast, my mother made low fat and low sugar oatmeal.  Just enough to bind the stuff and make it seem like a cookie.

Our vending machines are off until after lunch, along with any other food fundraisers.  In fact those don’t happen until after school.