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Weight Loss
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Finally, slowing on the losing side

Made a quick mention of this, this morning.   I’m at my lowest weight since the lap band process.  That means I am more than 40 pounds down from my heaviest.

It is STILL frustrating.  I don’t lose in a smooth progression.

My biggest problem is stress, and I am on the downside, I hope of a very stressful situation.  I haven’t slept all night since spring break.  I am having trouble even going to bed, as I anticipate problems.  Last night I finally forced myself a little before 12:30 pm.  Even skipped the computer, but woke up around 5:00 am and just laid there for a while.

I might try sleeping pills tonight, but I don’t really like the way I feel the next day.

Best news, it is does seem to have affected my insulin usage.