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Last few days have absolutely sucked!
No wonder I've been hitting the 300's


I now weigh over 40 pounds less than I did at my heaviest last year when I started on the lap band journey.

I realized I was obsessing over numbers so took a break from them.  Finally got on the scales this morning to a new low.

I finding out some weird stuff.  One is, when I obsess over the numbers they don't budge, and then I get even more stressed and the numbers go the wrong way.  Food I shouldn't have visits the house, etc.  So I'm learning to take some breaks from them.

Actually that isn't so weird, I've been warned about that from the TLC Edge people.

Also, people have been commenting that I've lost weight again, and I do think that your body has to go through a process:

  • Lose some weight.but not look like it
  • Rearrange it -- so you don't loose weight, but you look like it

I'm also seeing that the same kind of thing happens with my insuilin usage -- when I loose weight my usage goes down, but through that rearranging process, it goes back up.

Means I really have to monitor close -- I had a period last week where I was hitting the 300s and got as high as 400 this week and part of it was that I was in denial I needed that much insulin.

I'd still really like to have another 5 pounds gone before our next agility trial next weekend but I doubt that's possible with the week ahead.  Very stressful.