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Another interesting day

Yesterday decided to try reducing my basal by 10% -- numbers have been looking good -- and it worked.  Or at least it didn't make things worse -- well, until around noon.

So today I went into my basals -- added a change at noon, though I think I might need to push it down to 10:00, maybe go to 11:00 and half it.

I then reduced all my basals at 10% until that point. 

Here's my current numbers, all doing quite nicely, especially the weight thing.

Oh, and I had a major diabetes funk, yesterday.  It started with coming home at noon, eathing lunch then exercising, but getting interrupted by UPS.  I was going to test and just didn't around to it.  Did the same type of thing for dinner etc.

Found out what happens if you don't press pump buttons for 12 hours -- was woke up at 6:00 am (my normal getting up time for it).

So I have a really low TDD from yesterday, but the good news is that I woke up at 168 which isn't bad since I didn't bolus for food.


At Lowest Weight again

Today I'm at the same point I was after I got so sick Christmas eve.  Second time I've seen this weight.

I have a pattern I'd like to lose -- it is lose a few pounds, get constipated, which makes me want to eat things with fiber in them -- gain less pounds that I lost -- then lose a few more pounds.  I would like a smother progression down, and I'm starting to research that.

Still Losing weight and still adjujsting insulin

I have lost over thirty five pounds now and inching towards 40.

This morning I adjusted my correction rate as it wasn't close to the rate shown on my spreadsheet and I don't want to eat more food than i want to.

Also this morning my postpranial was in the 130's so i tweaked my morning and noon bolus rates. i usually dont eat enough carbs to bolus at lunch but you never know.

Good signs. The key to losing weight while on insulin is to keep the dose as low as possible but keep blood sugar low enough you don't have carb cravings. Also don't want to eat extra food as that slow weight loss.

So far, so good - First day back with kids

Woke up 1 pound lighter.  Am still afraid that I'll gain some weight from yesterday's insulin use -- exactly 76 units.  I hate workshops.  That was 10 units above my average.

I'm working with a basal that was reduced 10% from the basal I was using here at school "last year". 

I was real pleased to see a blood sugar reading of 142 after my morning correction and bolus for breakfast.

Staff development is not good for blood sugar

Started out with #BS of 159.  Hit 2xx sometime after breakfast mocha (I have that thing well under control and usually end up n the 140's).

Had #BS at 179 before lunch.  After throwing a couple of correction and a +50 basal.  Had a #BS at 179 two hours after lunch, which I patted myself on the back for.  Remember to turn off the workshop basal rate about two hours after.  Was in the 170's again at dinner so threw another +50 basal at it, ate 1/2 dinner, went to chiropractor.  Was at 100 at 7:00 so turned off  the basal and ate the rest of dinner.

Good lapband things I did today:

When I caught myself eating too fast, as everyone was eating like teachers, I pushed everything away, settled down and then ate right (slowly)

Hard habit to break.

At dinner, I started having trouble so I put my meal back in the refrigator to eat later.  Need to do that more often.

Workshop Basal

#bs is at 245 after morning correction from 159 and a bolus for my morning mocha (something i do on a regular basis) so i suspect this basal rate is too low.

Right now i am doing a catch up basal of +50%

the bad part is that i dont use this basal very often but is based on my working basal

Insulin Users and TSA - Insulin Users GET OVER YOURSELVES!

I have refused to fly since becoming an insulin users. It takes me three months to use up a bottle


Seriously. I am getting SO pissed off over all the indigent diabetes who are upset about the TSA rules.

I've had to deal with TSA rules for several years and have to deal with a full pat down and full swabbing of all of my belongings since the "shoe bomber".

Know you have to deal with it, be prepared and finally GET OVER YOURSELF.